The decision of taking a year drop after 12th


12th exam results are out. You all must be done with your engineering entrance exams too. Most of them must have released their results also. For the rest of the exams you must be knowing approximately what marks and rank you will be getting using the answer key and rank predictor present at various websites like .  So by now you must be having an idea that in which all colleges you may get admission and some might be planning to take a year drop. Well this is a huge step and people must be giving you mixed advises regarding this. So here is my blog to help who clear your mind and take the decision.




    The first category is of those students who prepared well for 2 years for JEE and then did well but are not happy with their JEE MAIN or ADVANCED rank. you guys must be thinking that one more year of labor and then you will land in IIT of your choice. Here you need to think wisely. You need to consider many things like will you be able to study for another year the same thing because it is cause boring. Most of your friends will be in college having fun telling you about their new college life and much more.

Definitely there will be some typical neighbors who will bother you with their taunts. So if you are getting admission into BITS or any good NIT then you should get into it rather wasting one year for an IIT. If you are not getting your choice of branch in an IIT then you can try for branch transfer after taking admission. I will say that this is a much wiser decision than taking a year drop. But if still you are motivated that you can do it for one more year and get into your choice of college then go ahead.



      The second category is of those students who did not do well in JEE even after preparing for 2 years. Now here I will suggest you should get into colleges like lower NITs, VIT, Manipal, state government colleges or any other reputed private college. If you study well here then you can definitely do something worthwhile in your life. Over here you must think practically that one year means a lot so if you think you can study well for another year and get into IIT then it is worthwhile. Here if your score was good in boards and you think that you could not perform well in competition exams because of exam pressure or time management then you can give it a try. But you need to work on your weakness for full one year and come with positive results.


.      The third category is of those students who did not prepare for 2 years, appeared for engineering exam because every science student needs to appear for JEE in India and is now thinking to take a drop under parental pressure then you must convince your parents that this won’t fetch you anywhere. You should go with whatever course is good for you. If you are planning to take engineering then do it from whichever place you are getting admission because dropping a year and then having same scenario a year later will hurt you and your family badly. So convince your parents and save your one precious year.


.     Now this category is of those students who didn’t prepare for 2 years but had this vision since starting that they will drop a year after 12th to concentrate on their JEE preparations. You always had this in mind so no point in taking a second thought on it now go for it. Do well. Study with full enthusiasm for one year. It won’t be that boring for you because many things will be completely new to you.


So what I basically want to convey is that one year is quite a long time. Students start with much enthusiasm but then in the middle of the year it gets lost somewhere. There will be change of environment, no school and only coaching. You will get more time which you may utilise or waste. Your friend will be enjoying college life. You may get some sarcastic comments from some people, so be prepared to face all this. You should remember that at end there are only 10,000 seats in IIT and lakhs of students appearing for it so ask yourself this question will it be worthwhile to take a year drop. If answer is yes you know what to do but if answer is may be or no then you need to think about other options.


I have many friends who took a year drop with me, some landed in IIT and while some again had same choices of colleges a year later too. Some of them made to IIT from category 2&3 too while some performed poorly from category 1. So one year can really make a great difference. If you can handle pressure, if you can study with full enthusiasm for one year, if you can avoid any distractions for one year, I you can remain unaffected from almost everything for one year then go for it, you will definitely do well in the drop year

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