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improve your concentration while studying

How to improve your concentration while studying?

“Concentration”: This is most important factor that a student ought to have while studying. It is said that there shouldn’t be any element whatsoever between you and your notebook when you study. However most of the students have these kinds of grievances where they are not able to concentrate while studying.

Have you ever wondered why it is so?

This may be because of a number of reasons:

Improper studying conditions

Lack of proper lighting

A lot of hustle and bustle nearby

Lack of understanding


However these are certain drawbacks in and around your physical environment.

What about the mental strength? There are a number of students who are distracted even in a situation of pin drop silence. On the other hand there are also certain students who are not at all distracted. Do you know why such difference arises? Not because of any other reason but only because of your mental health.

There are certain ways through which you can improve your concentration and develop a connection between you and your notebook during your study time:

Physical workout: Proper and regular physical exercise is very wholesome for all students. Besides a healthy body, it gives a healthy mind and you feel good. It relieves stress and induces our memory. You can also play games like badminton, cricket, basketball, throw ball, swimming etc. even dancing is a good exercise.

Avoid virtual sports: Games like chess, monopoly and other mind boggling indoor games have a very great role in rejuvenating your mind. They are believed to be very good mind exercisers. However when the same games are played virtually they may not be very productive for you.

The power of yoga: If possible take out some time from your busy schedule and go for practicing yoga. Recently we had the International Yoga Day where you must have learnt a lot of benefits of yoga. One of the best things that yoga gives us is a sound; fresh and a relaxed mind which will certainly help you concentrate in your studies.

Take rest and proper sleep: do not go for prolonged study periods. Researchers say that a student can concentrate for a maximum of 45 minutes. Therefore it is important to study in intervals instead of prolonged or continuous study.  It is also advisable that a normal human being requires 6-8 hours of sleep for a healthy mind and thought.

Balanced diet: Your diet should have a balance of all the vital elements like proteins, vitamins, minerals, roughage, everything. Improper diet can be very degrading and unhealthy for both your physical and mental health and will certainly deteriorate your performance. one should also consume at least 8 cups of water per day.

The habit of reciting: When you read and learn a concept and recite it loudly, you are not easily distracted from the nuisance nearby. This will also help you memorize it in a better manner.

The habit of writing: Once you learn a concept and jot down the relevant matter without looking at it you will know how much your brain grasped. And you need to c=build up the concentration while writing without which you’ll certainly go wrong.

Enjoy whatever you do: It is very important that you take everything with loads of optimism in you. This will improve your grasping power. It will also enhance your retaining power. Put your heart and soul to it and see the magic.

Be a good listener: Your listening skills can help you to a very great extent. When you listen to someone carefully, you give your full concentration to that particular thing. Consequently, you will have a better idea of what is being taught and instructed. : Check out this video and try to practise the 3 mind exercises to improve memory and focus.

Inculcate these element s in your regular schedule and observe the changes within you.

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