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Many of us have seen, that some students get the highest marks even though they are not so hard working. While some of those even though trying so hard score least of the marks. So ever wonder why? It’s the time management which helps the toppers to score exceedingly well in their exams. Time when managed efficiently can prove to be a great boon during exams. While if not, then it might lead to scoring of less marks.The word you are looking for is ‘habits’/regularity.

With proper time management comes the principle of discipline, which not only helps the student to maintain a forum for good studies but also helps him to be regular in it. Discipline is the key principle of any student life. It is important to understand it’s significance throughout his career path.

There are some habits that need to be imbibed well before stepping in your struggle period. These habits although tough to absorb, but when done, will not only help a student in tough times, but also create an aura in which builds his moral and character which remains with him throughout his life time.

So, what are these habits, and how they can help you in your career? Are these so-called qualities, too tough to be inherited, let’s see?


  • Get up early in the morning: Why not to have an extra hour or two, from rest of the common crowd and use this time to do something beneficial for yourself. This time is the most important because currently your brain is completely refreshed, and is ready to absorb and learn new things. So, stop snoozing your alarm, and wake up fresh, and start exploring.
  • Having a great breakfast:  It’s important to start your day with healthy food, a healthy, balanced breakfast primes your brain and your body for a busy day.
  • Start working out:  Working out is one of the best way, to give an extra jolt to your body, which will help to keep you body in perfect working position throughout the day.
  • Stop the habit of procrastination: You can do this later, but will you? Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, and in this case, that means acknowledging that this task will be put off until tomorrow, and then probably Friday, and then after that who knows. Even if no one’s watching or especially cares about this task getting done, you do. It’s important to set and keep your own deadlines.
  • Have a knowledge about your surroundings: This goes for the world in general (maybe work in some news breaks alongside the social media ones), but especially on matters that directly affect you, your company, or your industry. It can be as simple as following a few influential people in your field on social media, and doing a quick daily check to see what they’re discussing

Also, read more in general. Current events, magazines, novels about teenage werewolves in love, biographies of famous First Ladies…the subject matter and format don’t matter as much as cultivating a habit of daily reading. If you have a train or bus commute, that’s a way to work in a few minutes of reading. It can also be a nightly ritual, just 15 minutes before you go to bed. It’s all about finding a few minutes to decompress and read about something outside of your own perspective.

  • Handle your stress properly: Meditation is a good way to stop everything from swirling around your head or your desk for a moment. Everyone has different way to handle their stress, be it music, travelling, reading etc. Start finding the best way to handle your stress.
  • Make your health the ‘topmost priority’: Remember nothing is as important to you as your health.So have a regular check-up, eat healthy, stay active and fit.
  • Handle good problems: Life without problems is useless. Problems are necessary as it helps to get experience. Surround yourself with good problems. Problems which will boast your morale, increase your knowledge.

These are all manageable, no? Don’t jump on all these habits at once, take your time. Start fitting them one by one in your daily routine. Small steps, small wins = big results as you get more comfortable making changes to your routine. Start saying yes to love, yes to life, yes to staying in more. Good luck for your future, and stay connected to winuall for more posts in the coming future.

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