Things you should do during Examination for best performance

Examination time is a very important time because this is the time of evaluation of your whole year’s study.  So it becomes very important, that your timetable should be very managed and properly function. even if you haven’t studied whole year and you do study very carefully before days from examination and set your timetable in  a properly managed way ,there is a lot of possibility to score well in the examination because a proper mindset and confidence will help you a lot which you will gain from a properly managed studies.

There are few things which you should keep in your mind during the examination preparation:

1. Eat properly:

keep your stomach in the good position

It’s very important to be healthy for the examination.  You may have listened to this sentence “ Pahala sukh nirogi kaya “ (first pleasure to be healthy). if we see real life this sentence proves its validity by 100% because there is nothing without help. It is said that the way of mind goes through the stomach. you may have listened this bahajan also “ bhukhe  Bajan na hoye Gopala”( with empty stomach no devotion is tough) .  With having stomach(digestion) problems, a proper study is not possible at all. take a proper diet.

2. Be healthy:

Health is wealth. this is a well-known sentence. you can consider it as a universal truth because there is no wealth and happiness without health. Although you can have money in your pocket, there is no use for that money if you are not fine enough to use that.

So the same thing applies here, in the examination may be you can have a lot of knowledge but if are not fine enough to give the exam then there is no use of that knowledge. so maximum try to keep yourself healthy during exam time.

3. Take proper sleep:

again It comes in the health perspective point. without sleep, you won’t get a properly working mind available for you. And examination is all about the % of mind presented in the exam. So take care of it.

4. Be positive:

This is a very important thing. how?

Maybe you have learned everything but you are having some doubts about your skills, then those doubts will try to create negative thoughts in your  mind and  once negative thouhts have taken place in your mind, it will work as a wiper on your mind and becaiuse of it, although you may have studied everything, you will forget the things and a great decrease of confidence can take place  and you know the rest story much better than me.

5.Focus on strong point:

Always focus on the positive (strong )points during exam when you have less time to prepare or revision because these are the points/topics which you have already focused /practiced in the academic year and by a little revision you will be able to make it strong in perspective of examinations and you will not forget it easily.

6.Time management:

Time management is very important in the perspective of examination and day-to-day life also.  It becomes more important in the exam because in day-to-day life, where you can handle the things if you have not done them in day-to-day life also but in the exam if you haven’t thought about time management then it will come out in the form of bad result even if you are had knowledge also.

7. Keep distraction away from  you:
if we talk about distraction, my main focus is on social media. Apart from social media , There are some people in our life, who do waste our time a lot. So better to keep ownself away from them . After examination, you’ll be free, there you can have enjoyment with them but try to control yourself in the exam.














All the best!

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