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4 golden rules to follow

                                          4 Golden Rules To Follow Before A Competitive Exam 


Every year, out of the total number of students appearing for JEE and NEET, many do not secure their desired rank. These exams are highly competitive, and various reasons- candidates might be unable to give their best shot during the first attempt -(source) https://www.ndtv.com

The golden rules which one should follow to ensure success are:

1)Manage your time better before exam:

Your time management skills need to be even sharper specially before exams. Create a daily plan, over broader weekly or monthly targets, and discreetly allot time for each subject. Focus more on the one you are weak in. Also create a separate timetable for revision and mock test if possible.

Get your doubts cleared: Address all your doubts well before exam. Do not hesitate to approach your mentors and professors. This will improve your confidence significantly.


2)Revise regularly:

Make concept sheets for theorems and formulae in a separate notebook. This method will help you save time during final stages of preparation. Make sure to revise them every single day.

Don’t resort to rote learning, understanding theorems and problems are crucial  for problem solving. Students know the formulae  of area of triangle but why is it so.. Once student delve into it, the interest in the subject will grow and they will be prepared for any kind of question.

Time management and regularity are essential. No day should go without practice. Without practice all efforts can go down the drain.

For any exam studying problems asked in previous years are helpful. It gives students the feeling of pattern and requirements

3)Time management for solving questions during exam:

 First glance through the questions. Then solve chemistry section that would take less time. Solve mathematics at the end and give sufficient time for it. All sections should be solved in rounds- easiest, obvious questions first and then harder ones. Then if time is left try solving unattempted questions.

Never spend too much time on a single question consider shifting to next question.

4) Solve solve and solve:

Solve as many sums as possible from all kind of source.

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This will not only help you to increase the accuracy but also give you a clear understanding on how to and where to spend the required time .


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