First of all a heartiest congratulations to all the tenth grade students who passed with flying colors. Those who couldn’t do that well in their exams, relax because this is just the beginning. You have enough opportunities to brighten your future. Later you will see that 10th board mark sheet is used only as an age proof!

So by now you all must have decided what stream you will be choosing for your higher studies. If your answer is science, then you definitely have no clue what is in store for you! Your life is going to be a roller coaster ride from now on. So let’s first focus on the changes you will have to adjust to in class 11th. Some of you who are great enthusiasts might have bought the books for class 11th too. So now pile all your 10th class books in one stack and pile your physics and chemistry book of 11th class in other stack. Now compare them. They will be of almost same height. So with that only you must soak in that how much more you will be required to study.




All those who took maths for the sake of 10th maths will realise that the maths which you liked was that of the commerce students that involved profit loss and simple interest. The science side maths involves integration, differentiation, trigonometry, probability, sets, and much more. Maths will appear to be a totally new subject to you guys.

Your first physics class test will make you realize that it is not only you but almost the whole class who is struggling when more than 50% of the class will fail in class test and the average will be very less.

To pile up on that you will definitely be joining some coaching for JEE preparations like FIITJEE, RESONANCE, AAKASH, etc. You may join any coaching but you will definitely find it hard to juggle between the two types of studies. And believe me it happens with everyone. For some it may take a few days to get out of this phase while for some it may take months and eventually everyone will learn how to manage both simultaneously.

For the ICSE students Shakespeare’s plays will appear to be easier than the inorganic chemistry. You will be of the view that understanding the concepts is the key while studying science, but your view will be challenged when you will have to remember so many formulas, equations and derivations.



So before you start freaking out I must tell you that this is normal for everyone. Almost everyone goes through this phase, your parents, your teachers, your seniors have also gone through this and your peers will go through this with you. The reason being, till tenth you are spoon fed while from 11th, you start using more of your brain; you are given chances to take decision, this places you in tough situations and prepare you for making life changing decisions in future. From 10th to 11th is a transition for you to become more mature and responsible. Here you learn to handle stress and multitasking.

Life is a teacher that teaches you every passing minute through your own decisions and its consequences. In my opinion, 11th and 12th are those years which prepare you for the college life and the professional life. So when such an important phase is going to take place in your life you will be troubled and will feel a little out of place. But eventually you will do well in life. So whatever comes in your way just smile and face it.


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