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A fresher’s guide to college life

So, you are grown up and passed your 12th standard with good marks. All set to leave your home and step into the college life.

A college is truly an amazing place. You experience new things and you make new friends.

But just heading to a college and dealing with it in a high school way can create confusions.

So, here is a guide that will allow each and every one of you to make your college life the best.

I still wish to have read such a blog before entering the college. So, here we go.

  1. Don’t be an introvert

The thing that sucks the most in college life is you being an introvert. Seriously, college is all about connections and working in groups. Introverts face a lot of problems which may affect their academic performance as well.

  1. All study and no play

No one likes a bookworm and especially when you are in college. Studying is good but if you don’t freshen your mind, you wouldn’t be doing anything out of the box and productive.

  1. Staying away from student clubs

This is the biggest mistake one can make in a college. You need to get out of the comfort zone and start on new endeavors. You can also start on your hobbies or any technical stuff. This will make you more of a practical person.

  1. Not doing internships

Internships are not to be done only in the pre-final year. You need to take internships every time you have some holidays and are free. This really makes you more experienced in your expertise.

  1. Maintaining your CGPA

People usually won’t pay attention to their CGPA of the initial semesters. If one gets a good CGPA in the initial semesters, it would be much easier to maintain that CGPA in the upcoming years when the subjects become tougher.

  1. Not enjoying the cultural events

The whole year you exhaust yourself with studies and then comes the cultural event, a moment to chill out. If you still don’t take part in it then you are absolutely ruining your life. So, go out and participate.

  1. Not approaching seniors

Seniors can be your best friends. They can tell you about each and every aspect of the college that you have to face in future. But, don’t blindly follow their advice all the time. Sometimes they may exaggerate the difficulty of a subject. But that shouldn’t bother you.

So guys, enjoy your college life to the fullest. Craft your skills, make new friends and don’t hesitate to come out of your comfort zone. All the best.


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