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Do you have enough luck??


It was a bad day. And was not my day. This was not in my destiny. How much of this is excuse? Or is it really luck that can overpass hard work and preparation. This has been a debatable issue when it comes to failing and passing of competitive exams.

These competitive exams are a very big deal for all students as it was for me once. Like every other student I prepared, worked hard but I did not pass. Was it luck, was it a bad day? No, I admit I had shortcomings that led me to failure. All my anxiety and nervousness got me and my preparations shattered. But there were the rank 1 students who had same time, same books, same age, same teachers, same question paper but they flourished overcoming all their anxieties.

Luck comes to do those who made good choices. For me luck has been a matter of preparation meet opportunity. But this is my story and so I cannot turn my face to the possibility that luck has no role to play. Or destiny should not be considered.

There are all possibilities to be extremely nervous, get sick, have a tragedy or may be even more that brings down the best of you but then it all comes to one thing that is how you handle this all. In the present day, competition is so tough and situations across the nations even more tougher. More than your knowledge what matters is your emotional intelligence.

Don’t let your luck overpower you.

There may be something as luck or some may say it was just your good deeds that bounced back or may be some who say that it was your good preparation or the backup plan that helped you excel.

But how will we do that? The first thing that important is your unbreakable will. Will is what will overpass your bad luck if that exists. The next is the passion to accomplish the task. And always remember that even after all your preparation and passion and will  if you fail, do not possess guilt. You didn’t leave any page unturned.  Maybe your bad luck has destined something good for you.

Be ready for all the tough situations. Get proper sleep and have proper diet. These are found to be the two main factors affecting student’s health. Never leave your queries and unsolved questions as it is. They give rise to unnecessary stress and tension. So find answers as soon as possible. For this I would recommend the Winuall.com that provides timely answers to your queries through experts. Talk to your parents but remember never gain worthless pressure just share what you are going through.

Don’t keep studying the night before exam or you will sleep the next day probably. Most of these exams take place in the summers. So keep yourself hydrated. Make your preparation fun. Do not let your luck overpower you. Let your mind be free. There may be good or bad luck but always remember there are good and bad choices. So be good and helpful to one and all. Your future awaits for you.

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