When you will appear for the final exams, everything will matter. Right from the day you decided that you will take up engineering as a career option, each moment will matter. The no. of times you bunked the class, the no. of times you overslept, the no. of days you slept less than the required time and everything. So next time you even eat a burger, remember that it will matter too. Because at the end everything matters.

Only work, no play makes Jack a dull boy. This holds true in this respect also. Doing some physical exercise and playing some games frequently helps you to be efficient, alert, and focused. So next time when you think of cancelling a football match to study for an hour more, remember this that what all you will be losing.

Students think that sleeping for 3-4 hours and utilizing rest of the time for studies will benefit them. I would like to tell those students that sleeping for less than 7-8 hours will reduce their efficiency and life span. This will also cause some health issues later in life. All those student who study the whole night before exam, you all should immediately stop it. This reduces your capacity and ability to give the exam. You might end up taking a nap while writing the exam.

Your mind is as healthy as you eat. So stop eating those junks, cold drink, chips, burger, pizza, etc. Start eating nice healthy, home cooked food. Trust me, once when you end up in college you will miss your home cooked food. Drink ample amount of water, drink milk regularly, have juices and fruits.

Studying and paying attention in class is very important. You should focus in class. You tend to understand better in class when taught by teacher than when you self study the topic. So next time when you engage in some gossip in class, do remember that at the end everything matters.

When you will appear for the exam, you may recall a sentence from the first lecture of your class or from your teacher’s motivational sessions or a formula which once your friend told you about. And this may fetch you those precious marks that may get you in your dream college. So always remember that at the end everything matters.




  1. Schools in Firozabad

    July 3, 2017 at 10:10 am

    Very helpful post for every student for a better future, and yes, in the end, everything counts thank you for this post.

    • Ishita

      July 4, 2017 at 8:44 am

      I am glad you found it helpful!

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