Being the morning person

The current generation is known as generation z. one of the distinguishing features of this gen z is the increase in the number of night owls. The number of stalls that appear after 12.00 am in major cities reflect this fact. As much as people are proud to be the night owls, they also secretly have the insatiable desire to convert into being the morning person. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of the early morning war with the alarm and make the alarm an ally?

Why should you be a morning person when you are comfortable with your life the way it is? The answer is simple. To make it comfortably better. It is scientifically proven that your day goes well if the beginning is an early one. An active morning allows you to maintain the active attitude throughout the day. This can be observed as in how the night owls tend to be lazier when compared to the morning people.

Here are a few tips which might help in the conversion to a morning person.

  • Consistent sleep. It is told that an average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep. The implementation of this is where the trick is. Though it was meant to be continuous sleep, people tend to do it in a discrete manner. Thus they manage to feel sleepy even after finishing their quota for the entire day (or the week in some cases). Looking for continuous sleep hours and managing them within the same day (night preferably) is one good way.
  • The feeling of insomnia. Do not succumb to it. It is just your head playing a trick on you. Elders have suggested the so far best trick to attain sleep at any given situation. Just close your eyes and lie down. As funny as it may sound, it works.

  • The correct time and position of the alarm clock. This might be considered insignificant but this is as significant as the last 5 minutes of sleep you give yourself.
  • Minimum amount of exercise in the day. Sleep is in general the act of relaxation. It is basically the recess period for all your muscles. So having a little exercise is making your muscles asking for rest. That helps you in sleeping faster and also maintaining a proper sleep cycle.
  • Reflect on your purpose for getting up. A constant reminder of the purpose keeps you in check with reality and also helps you to prioritize the activity over sleep.

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  • Tell yourself you can do it. This is the most important of all. Anybody can wake up as long as they believe they can.

So congratulate yourself if you have the ability to wake up early and make it a habit if it’s not and help your circadian cycle function better and give you longevity in life.

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