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BSC as a career option

The general trend for a long time now has been to finish b. tech and then to choose the life we want to live. But a more profitable way of life would be to choose the type of life to live and then the course. In this case an option that many have ignored is doing B.Sc. Here are a few common misconceptions about which are more famous than the course itself.

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  • is easier than b. tech. This is the most famous and the most irritating for any student. The full form of reads bachelor of sciences and that of b. tech reads bachelor of technology. As it becomes obvious, both are bachelor degrees and so are of the same magnitude when viewed from an educational point of view.
  • There is no life after unless you drag on till PhD. Yet another mistake. There are many options right after which pay you in abundance in experience if not in money.
  • You’ll end up being a teacher after B.Sc. A big no to that. Though this is a path walked often, this is not the entire story. Besides there are separate courses that train you to become a teacher.
  • is done by boring people. No way for this to be true. It is actually done by enthusiasts. When you look at things objectively, pure sciences beat applications because there lies more brain work as they have to explain the why of things. So as long as thinking about a concept takes you to a world you enjoy, is for you.

Here are a few things which beckon to a bright life after B.Sc.

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  • Research in the field of interest. This is a very rewarding experience as it allows you to eat, sleep and wake up to the world you want to work in.
  • Banking jobs. It is a fact that banking jobs favor pure sciences over application oriented studies. But many B. tech people now make it in due to the excessively additional support they receive from the various coaching institutes.
  • A plan for the further studies. Having a pure sciences bachelor’s degree opens you up to a world of opportunities. You can go on into depths of research or search for a general job. Changing into an application oriented stream is also a possibility which would be comparatively bleak when the vice versa is considered.

All said and done, this is not a stream for those who want an instant job or a high pay in the initial stage. But the job security, gradual growth in pay, respect in society and most of all more knowledge about your topics makes this stream a very good choice to go for

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