Is cell phone a distraction?

Listening to your mother about how the earthquake in japan is because you spend time on your mobile phone is now a very common practice (whether you like it or not). To many people cell phone is the root cause of all the evil that exists in the contemporary world. As wrong as they are, they are not foolish either for we see the phenomenon and they the process.

The debate gets very much heated when a student enters a college and so now needs a phone for himself. This is because giving him something that could destroy him at that age is a gamble where the stakes are very high. Because when you give someone a mobile, you don’t just give him a device to communicate.

Here are the pros and cons of the mobile phone for you to decide if it really is the next biggest cataclysm ranked after the atom bomb.

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  • A portable source of knowledge. When you come across something unknown, you don’t open a bag and search for a book. You take out your phone from the pocket. This is a justified act as the transfer of knowledge is faster and more easily done than the conventional methods.
  • A means of communication. This should actually have been the first point a this is the entire reason they made it for. You don’t need to be bound by wires and so don’t need to stick to a place. (ignore the part about charging it).
  • Reliever of stress. Entertainment, if personified, would be jealous of the work this little tool does. Cell phone has become the synonym of entertainment and has been that way for a long time now.

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  • It is a drug. It has this odd way of climbing up the echelons of priorities. Containing its addiction is really a herculean task.
  • If you are a studious guy with a very strict time table, this can potentially be the biggest bad news to your routine.
  • Genuine sense of senselessness. This I say because I’ve seen people who think they can deal with the urge to use the phone and also think having it as an exercise of self-control. If it really is, you would fail more than just once a day. Placing the barricades on something 24/7 is a myth and this is what makes us human.

As things are, everything has its pros and cons. It is all about how we use them. Having a mobile phone and making use of its pros is a smart move. The real trick lies in not falling for its cons. You just need a tad bit more of self-control to achieve this. As long as you use the phone and not the vice versa, cell phone is not a distraction. You just need to remember who the master is.

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