certain myths among students and parents

Every parent as well as every student has a lot of grievances, rather fears regarding the preparation of board examinations. They leave no stone unturned to help their children. But sometimes unknowingly they end up doing certain mistakes which may not prove to be very smart and wholesome.

Some of the most common myths among parents and students:

Number of tuitions is proportional to your results: Class 10 is a very crucial year for every child. However, this does not mean that the child joins every coaching institute or private class that he can. This can prove to be very disastrous at times. Ultimately the students end up running from one place to another. Thus, they do not get time for self-study. Therefore, it is the duty of the students as well as the parents to understand that it is not the number of tuitions but the hard work put in by the child.

The child should always carry a book: Parents adorn the child for always carrying a notebook and a pen in their hand 24*7. One should avoid this kind of gesture and attitude. It’s not about working for hours and hours. It’s about concentration accompanied by proper rest and sleep.

 No recreation: There are a number of students who have this complaint that their parents cut T.V. connections and internet as well. Well, it’s true that social media, excessive usage of internet or television is not appreciated but these kinds of stuff help you release stress if used sensibly and judiciously. Cutting the T.V. connection or internet connection does not guarantee a cent percent result. It’s all about self control.

Cut down on your playing time: A very degrading decision and probably one of the myths that people impose over their children is cutting down on the children’s playing hours. Almost all researchers say that playing is as important as eating a balanced diet or as important as studying also.

playing times

Stop co-curricular activities: In this world of cut-throat competition, it is not only your ‘academics’ but your other talents in addition to academics. So do not avoid the co-curricular activities. This is probably the best time to learn something and polish it. Moreover, it all depends upon your time management skills in the smartest way possible. So do not let go this opportunity.

Discussing answers after exams: This is the worst thing to do immediately after the exams. This will not only put you under stress but will also deteriorate your performance in the henceforth examinations. So avoid any kind of question paper related discussions immediately after the examinations.

Avoid such decisions and myths for yourself or for the child which may lead them to a stressful and a depressed situation.


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