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How to choose your Dream college?

Choosing the best college or university is something that actually matters a lot. Choosing the right fit is a difficult process. Your college plays a great role in shaping your career and your over personality enhancement as well. Deciding a college isn’t as easy as choosing a school and especially when there are thousands of colleges in your country . In this blog , we’ll help you choosing right fit.

  • Overall Ranking of colleges

    First and foremost when you finalize a field or stream , let it be medical , non medical , arts , commerce any field. Check out the rankings of all the colleges in the country. Don’t just restrict to one single ranking authority look out for different and reputed ranking authorities , say , Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD).ranking-1

  • Don’t Follow others.

    Don’t just choose a college just because your friends will be going there or your boyfriend or girlfriend there ,     you have cousins there or just because the campus has cool and happenings around. Just don’t , don’t sacrifice   your career just for the sake of fraction of enjoyment.giphy (2)

  • Academics and Graduation Rate.

    Do look out for the quality of academics in the college you wish to go and especially the field you wish to choose there . The particular college may definitely have an overall impeccable reputation but do make sure that the     field you wish to choose is offered of top notch quality.giphy (3)

  • Placements and Faculty Staff.

    This one being indeed very important . The job opportunities your college will provide at the end of the course   should be high , if not high atleast optimum , because a college with low rate of placements is nothing but an orange without pulp. During your entire time at college , not only are your faculties going to teach you the
    syllabus but also the ones who will guide you at every step let it be projects , internships , jobs everything. So , a good faculty staff is a must.giphy (4)

  • Campus and College Life.

    Another yet important factor . Is the campus decent enough ? Is it worth the cost paid ? Are the surroundings    safe? Is the crowd decent? Are the hostels clean enough and meet the standards? Are the meals provided            healthy and hygienic ? Are enough extra co-curricular activities offered  so that Jack doesn’t remain a dull guy  ?and more endless similar questions.giphy (5)



Your college is going to be your second home for some good number of years and that is why you better make sure that you take a right decision before rush into anything.It will take some time and effort on your part, but in the end, you’ll know that you chose the best for you.




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