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Things you should and should not think of before choosing majors in 11th grade

Just saw your 10th result? How was it? Congratulations if you scored well. Don’t worry if you did not. Your mark-sheet an age proof. However choosing majors for the 11th grade will be a very decisive factor.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing majors. Which makes choosing the right one that much important.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing majors. Which makes choosing the right one that much important.

So before choosing majors we come across various circumstances and situations which make or effect the decision. Well some things seem true while making your decision. However after a future jump you’ll realize that they were not really true. Some factors that you’ll never consider will eventually turn out to be very important after choosing majors.

Some of these decisions include:

  • Smartly interpreting an advice is very important. If someone experienced gives you a SWOT analysis of all the streams well and good please take it under consideration. However if someone says that there is scope only in one particular stream which mostly ends up being science then their words are not worth a thought.
  • Same goes for some school authorities suggesting/assigning you a stream which you may or may not be interested in. You should not even think of taking a steam just because you scored high or low.
  • Secondly even if you already choose a stream but are unable to perform well in it you still have an option of changing it. It is not worth hoping for things to get better without any interest and/or aptitude. A change in stream is a better option . You may develop a new interest sooner or later in a stream you never thought you’d like.
  • Remember your best friend from childhood. He/she is about to take the majors that he/she is actually good at but you, not so much. You know that they’ll always be with you through thick and thin. So it is not important to share the subjects that you are not really willing to take.
  • You might have someone you respect a lot at a place which is technically very good or because the way he pitches his situation/position to you may be very appealing. What we forget to see the path that they followed may not be a cakewalk. Even if it was the cake might not have the taste of your liking. Anyways the point I want to put here is it is good having inspiration, but we must be inspired of the person because of his life as a whole and not just the part which we all see or know him by today. Apparently you might lose yourself while you try to be something else and realize it when it’s too late.

Anyways the things and people mentioned above are only factors that influence you, maybe by a bit or maybe they are the sole reason you will take what you plan to, but don’t forget that our creator gave us a great gift that we call instinct. This instinct is always right because it is the sole reason for the survival of the human life. You better use that feeling in your gut before making a decision. Ask yourself a few questions about the choice in your mind and imagine where you want to be ten years from now if you think you can be there by the decision you make just do it, if you are having second thoughts, don’t worry go on, you can always come back, if you don’t find yourself at the spot after taking the path then it is time to think about your choices again.


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