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Waking up early even before the sun made its debut for the day and finding yourself in search of the hot coffee by the table. As exhilarating a morning this “could” have been, it won’t be one. This is for a simple reason that the preceding night would have been a struggle with the heavy binders and now is merely the continuation. This is a very common scenario of students preparing for their board exams (class X and XII alike).

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I’m sure many students have felt their lives changing entering into 10th (just like I did) and their school lives becoming unquestionably study-oriented (just like mine did). The simplest example would be the cancelling of games classes.

The one reason given by people to back it all up would be that IT IS THE FIRST MAJOR STEP IN LIFE.  Now what they say is that it is the first major step. But what they don’t say is why? Why is class X the first major step? Why can it make or break your future (at least according to them)?

  • Class X pass out certificate– This is the very first certificate they check during the job interviews. It might sound stupid actually. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t have got your degree without passing your XII which can’t be without you passing your X. But then it is a vast world and anything is possible. So, yes they do look for it.
  • The board exam – The first of its kind. Never before would you have written from a question paper of that font having questions in more than one language. So the ‘first’ part of their explanation is justified.

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  • Post class X – Now this is where the real ordeal lies. All your school life, regardless of the place, was cushioned and had a narrow level of exposure offered. Class X is the threshold after which you are thrown into a world whose functioning was never taught in class. Your performance in class X thus becomes your last step after which is the quantum leap. Surely enough, no matter how good your run through was, a bad last step would give you a bad jump (which you should like to avoid).
  • Competitive world – the world, as it got smaller, got competitive in the process. So the path to sure success shaped itself into the earliest bird getting the worm. So people started to emphasize on staunch devotion to books right from class X.


Thinking about any of the above mentioned is an assured way to get yourself worked up and nothing else. Below mentioned are views about what should be done to make this first step a fruitful one.

My first piece of advice to everyone getting started is – relax. This I am telling you because I very recently met my junior who explained to me an efficient future plan wherein he never gets married because of him getting (apparently) bad grades in his board and I was just utterly amazed at how over-thinking works wonders. YOUR CLASS X BOARDS ARE NOT YOUR ENTIRE FUTURE. (confirm this with your seniors if you will) All the purpose that your mark sheet serves is being your age proof. Class X boards are just like any another exam whose results hardly matter.

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All said and done I wouldn’t employ a person with really bad grades in X. So work while you still have the chance to. All I’m trying to tell is that there is no need to have the extra pressure to perform as this is just class X.

Pro-tip number 2 and the most versatile one is – be sincere not serious. You would belong to an age group of 14-16 in your class X. that is strictly not the age to be serious or depressed especially because of your grades or thoughts about your near future. Work while you work and play while you play and you will do more than just fine with your “leap”.

End of day, class X is important but only as much as the other classes were. It is indeed a major step but not quite different from the 9 you have taken before (count out the kindergartens). So it isn’t really the first. You’ve done it before. You will do it now.

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