Coaching, home tutor or self-study?

Necessity of a coaching for competitive examinations

Should I pursue a coaching?

If yes, which institute be the best one?

Will I be able to crack JEE through self-study? 

The big question that arises in every mind aiming for JEE is regarding the best facility they can get access to, for getting a seat in one of the most prestigious institutes in India, IITs. Quite natural as well. Considering the hype each and every coaching institute is getting, a sincere student needs to ponder upon all the factors before choosing their way of preparation.

So which really is the best way to aim for competitive examinations? The exact answer to this would be the individual’s own capabilities. It totally depends on the student’s level of understanding.

Is coaching the only way to crack JEE?

JEE can, for sure, be cracked without the guidance of the best faculty available in the ‘in-demand’ coaching institutes. This in no way means that it’s an easy task for every other student. The study materials supplied by the professionals indeed are a source for a better guidance.

Some students find their time being stolen by them though. Online tutorials and books offer a better preparation for them. If you fall in this category, a quality home tutor would be of great support for you.

If you have been average in your school academics, don’t hesitate to join a relevant coaching institute for better guidance. The only thing you need to keep in mind is focusing on the right method of solving problems. Also, managing your time accurately can be a tough job in the very beginning.

A properly planned schedule is another necessity during the study years. Students need to follow the early to bed, early to rise rule to increase their memory.

Therefore, it would not be appropriate to call coaching centers the best place to enhance one’s growth. On the other hand, students can actually strengthen the topics they lose focus on, through wise guidance from teachers.


Stay focused, stay successful !

Are coachings a necessity for cracking JEE?

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