The first question that pops into ones mind once one has decided to pursue the stream of engineering, is how to go about preparing for it. And the quickest answer, of course, is to enroll yourself immediately into one of the best coaching institutes.

But is that the right choice?

It is important to understand that while coaching classes are very helpful, they can also be highly competitive and stressful. Not all students can cope with their methods of preparation. Enrolling yourself into the best coaching institutes does not guarantee you admission to one of the IITs, NITs or BITs.

Here is a list of  some of the best coaching institutes in India and their pros and cons.


  1. Experienced teachers: Good coaching institutes employ experienced teachers, a lot of whom are graduates from IITs and NITs and hence have an idea of how rigorous the preparation is.
  2. Good resources: You will always have unlimited resources to clarify your doubts and also get good advice on which books to refer to, how to prepare well, etc.
  3. Since coaching classes are extremely competitive among each other, they make sure that your get the best teachers and best resources.
  4. Regular examinations: They have regular pattern based examinations that help keep you on your toes, keep your knowledge in check and tell you your rank among all the other students across the country in that institute.
  5. Provide scholarships to worthy students so their fee is waived at the time of admission.



  1. Lack of personal attention: The teacher to student ratio can be very low in some institutes and hence very little personal attention is provided.


2. Discouraging attitude: A lot of the teachers tend to say discouraging things to the student which may put them off the track of preparation.


3. Discrimination based on marks: Good students are put in separate classes from the ‘weak’ ones and paid special attention to, which is unfair considering everyone has paid the same amount of money.

4. Excessive pressure: They tend to put a lot of pressure on the students causing unnecessary amounts of stress. There have been numerous student suicide cases in Kota, the hub of coaching institutes in India.


5. Misleading students: Coaching institutes have often misled students demeaning the importance of board examinations and attending regular classes in school.


Nevertheless, here are a list of all the coaching institutes in India that have shown good results in examinations over the past few years consistently.

  1. Vibrant Academy:
  3. Vidyalankar:
  4. Bansal Classes (Kota):
  5. ALLEN:
  6. Resonance:
  7. Aakash classes:

Other than coaching classes, a lot of students have also achieved great results by getting experienced home tutors to guide them from time to time. Although finding a good one may be difficult.

There are many students who have also diligently studied their regular course work and managed to crack the JEE or MAINS just as easily as students who have been attending classes since the eighth grade. Yes, there are people who do that. Yes, it’s okay even if you haven’t.

Also, coaching institutes have introduced many types of courses depending on what a student wants. For instance, test series for those students who only want to come and give practice tests and check their ranking among other students in the institute across the country.

The idea is to decide what works best for you and go ahead with that.

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