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College dorm room studies

The college dorm room studies are one of the most memorable happenings from every person’s college life. The empty hall, occupied by mere tables and chairs, stays no more empty once the college gangs arrive! The liveliness indeed is a bliss…


College dorm room in a corridor

In almost every other college hostel, there comes a corridor that has ‘the dorm room’. Moreover, fortunate are those who have the adjacent room, both in terms of the facilities as well as the peace it offers…IRONICAL ENOUGH !

So, all that the corridor offers is students carrying their essentials all along from their rooms to the dorm room, and back. The not-to-be-missed life’s important discussions find time during this short travel.

The exam days are approaching. This being the only time when dorm room is the most sought-after. Enter the hall and all you see is groups of people, scattered all around, murmering the not-so-relatable formulae. However, there are just too many kinds of students found in colleges. Some consider this room to be the only potential place to gather knowledge from, while others almost hate doing so. As of the results, I feel it depends entirely on you. It’s just about your preferences while studying, a group or silence!

Dorm room essentials


Traditionally, dorm rooms were built, taking into consideration, the need for an individual’s self study. But as colleges developed, students found group-study as an efficient way to help each other clear out the technical concepts. Not to be left out, the bonds grew stronger with the fun they had, teaching amongst themselves.

Therefore, in my opinion, dorm rooms are definitely not a bad place to study. With focused friends around, one can for sure gain skills that are difficult to get hold of, otherwise. This does not mean self-study will ever lose its own grace. In the end, it comes down to one’s preferences and comfort.


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