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The day before exams

The day before exams can be a really tricky set of 24 hours. So today the folks from winuall.com bring you ways to plan your day before the exams. This is very important because it has both physical and psychological effects which will hinder your performance on the exam day. Here are some tips you should keep in mind while planning for “THE DAY before” :

It is very important to stay cool before exams

The day before exam should not be wasted under stress.

  1. You’ll have to stay cool calm and collected

    The syllabus is more or less ¬†complete. Even if you didn’t do it. It’s better to plan the day for maximum efficiency and marks coverage.

  2. Perfect what’s strong before going through the weaker topics

    There must be some weak topics and some strong topics. The trick is to perfect the strong ones first and the quickly go through the weak ones. However you should not let any topic untouched.

  3. Take a nice and heavy breakfast

    It is good to have breakfast at a proper time and with a proper amount of nutrients as it is the most important meal of the day.

  4. Take short breaks after every hour

    It is better to take short breaks more number of times instead of a single long ones. It helps in keeping the mind stressfree.

  5. Relax and take a walk in fresh air

    This may seem like wasting time but the freash air k rejuvinates thi mind and keeps it stressfree.

  6. Increase the number of meals instead of the amount in one meal

    It is better and healthier to consume food more times but in less quantities. This prevents loss of focus and enhances learning.

  7. Talk to family and friends

    Trust me it feels much better to know that you are loved especially under stress.

  8. Take quick tests

    It gives you a clar picture if you need to put in more efforts in the topic or not.

  9. Sleep early and sleep well

    A light dinner keeps gives you a good sleep and a good sleep leads to a good mood next day increasing  efficiency.

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