Look before you leap

This is a world where every question has an answer, a world full of dreams and aspirations. You only require putting your dedication and proper research work.

Set your mind towards a particular goal, analyse it properly, thoroughly study the matter, look for the challenges faced by the people around you, keep in touch with the seniors and before you decide something make sure you have a brief idea about what you are going to study.

There are a number of people who will tell you innumerable courses along with the advantages of the suggested courses. But none of them will tell you the disadvantages of those courses. Therefore, it is your duty to look for the pros and cons of the courses and have a brief idea of what you are going to do before you actually start doing it.

A number of students get carried away by their friends’ decision consequently leading them to the wrong path. One should not forget that in the present world there is place for each and every effort that you make. It’s all about the excellence which comes from the interest that you inculcate for the subject. Thus the foremost factor that determines your excellence lies in your interest.

Look for the courier options that you want to pursue and those that are provided by the subject you’ll study. For instance: if you are interested in science. Look for the most probable courses that you can take depending upon the subjects of interest, the courier options available, and how can that particular subject help you to achieve your goals. It may all sound a bit complex but once you plan things and then do it, you’ll realize that you remain on the safer side. B TECH is an option open for all science students. One can pursue a degree of B TECH in a branch you want to specialize in like computer science, chemical, electronics, civil, biotech etc. There are a lot more options open for the students like B ARCH, BSc etc.

Talk to your seniors. Talking to people will lead you to encounter the real time experiences, rather struggles, which can prove to be very wholesome. You can even talk to your teachers. However, make sure that irrespective of what you hear from others your decision should be the final one.

It should be like: hear every ones suggestions but listen to your own conscience.

It is not easy to land up on something which you didn’t plan out or even thought of. It is not easy to drag yourself into that same ‘something’ everyday worsened with self-consolation and consoles from all around. And these juxtapose of uneasiness’s ultimately lands you to a situation where you struggle hard.

Doing something which you never wanted to do multiply your difficulties to yet another level of inhospitable scenario, where you are under constant pressure.

Therefore, never forget that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Instead of whining over your decision take a firm step with sheer confidence and an open mind where you consider each and every option depending upon your comfort zone and go for it.


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