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Difference between IT and Cse

A very recent change in any of the IITs we can notice would be the elimination of information technology as a stream or dissolving it and merging it with that of computer sciences. This has been observed to be a common practice amongst all the colleges of the country. Why is this done? Are cse and it the same? If yes, why were they two different streams to begin with? The answers to these questions can be found below.

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To begin with cse and it are not entirely different but are not the same either. Information technology deals with the information systems or the system management and administrations. They simply make use of the various computer applications available. They are the users of technology.

Computer science professionals are different because their curriculum focuses on the theory of computer applications. This implies that they need to understand the “why” behind the functioning of a particular application.

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When we go about the streams with the curriculum in mind, the basic difference would be that IT is more theoretical and computer science has most of this covered with an addition of programming skills to create the tools used by IT people. Hence it would be correct to say that a student from CSE would be familiar with all the concepts of IT but the vice versa might not be true. This is the reason why colleges have begun to dissolve IT and merge the students with CSE. This would lessen their number of streams and help them to maintain better teacher to student ratio.

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The little difference between the streams surfaces itself during placements where a CSE student is preferred over an IT student and your college reputation is also to be considered. So if you are looking to choose one, give it a thought before doing so.

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