Life is Digital with Augmented Reality

We all remember the infamous Pokémon Go in 2017 that made us walk miles just to catch Pokémons. We were so in awe of those little Pokémons appearing on our roads and our scores on the game increasing every time we catch a Pokémon. Honestly, that was one game that made us get up from our couches. Those Pokemons appearing on your streets…that’s the magic of Augmented Reality!

Pokemon Go uses Augmented Reality to keep you hooked!

Snapchat uses Augmented Reality for those pretty filters!









Those Snapchat filters that make it look like we got bunny ears and a wreath of flowers on our head? They are magic of Augmented Reality as well.


Augmented Reality (shortly known as AR) is where your real view is augmented by computer-generated information which can be visual, smell, sound or felt. Augmented Reality is a ground-breaking technology which can be really helpful in various fields.AR changes one’s understanding of reality. It has the power to alter the real-life scenarios and merge it with some additional digital graphics.


  • Sensors and Cameras – Sensors are essential for helping the users to have a more realistic feel to the AR. Cameras are needed for capturing images and videos which will assist the AR device.
  • Projection – Since AR is all about mixing up virtual and reality together, a projection is highly necessary to be able to overlap the two.
  • Processing – AR devices are basically mini-supercomputers fit into wearable devices. The AR devices need the common processing units that our computer use CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.
  • Reflection – Mirrors in the form of the holographic lens are used in AR devices to help the device in making the virtual image reach our eye.


Many at times, we confused Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The main difference between these two is that AR is a mix of real environment and computer-generated information whereas, VR fully replaces the real environment with a computer designed one.

Augmented reality is controlled by a touchpad or voice commands. Voice commands are used in Google Glass Augmented Reality Device.

To see how the Google Glass works, check this out!


Augmented Reality is useful in many fields including healthcare, education, archaeology and so on.

  • Archaeology – AR helps archaeologists is visualizing the ruins, buildings and landscape.
  • Architecture – It is used by architects for planning how the construction should be done and for detailed analysis of the future structure that is going to be set up.
  • Commerce – AR is used to improve the print and video making that is essential in e-commerce.
  • Education – Text, graphics, video and audio are superimposed with the student’s taught real-life ideas which will help in increasing the understanding of the particular topic.
  • Medical – Since 2005, a device called a near-infrared vein finder is used that films subcutaneous veins, processes and projects the image of the veins onto the skin which helps in locating the veins.
  • Military and Navigation – AR can be used for communication between soldiers during combat. It can also show the potential dangers by scanning.AR maps and a 360-degree camera can really help soldiers in their navigation.

Augmented Reality is a great help in many fields as shown above. It is a great technological advancement which can be an asset in our day to day lives. The challenge is how can we make use of this and build something greater.


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