Dress codes for IIT-Advanced

JEE-ADVANCED exam which is scheduled to take place on may 22 this year, puts the pressure on students to dress properly.

IITs recently released a list of clothing items that are prohibited in the exam centres and with that has proposed a specific code for the same. Restrictions on clothing, the students’ feel, are still acceptable, but IIT has gone a step further and has decided to ban wristwatches and writing pads from the examination room. In this case, students might face difficulty as there is a general tendency to look at one’s watch while writing an exam and as justification, the instructions in the list mention that the invigilator will be announcing the time every half an hour to the students.


Earlier this year, many other entrance examinations’ committees proposed dress codes for their respective examinations and now we can add one more to the list.


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Apart from putting pressure of performing well, now the pressure of dressing well. The increasing number of cheating cases have forced institutions to take such actions. The fierce competition to perform, to ace and a need to perform well has resulted in unethical ways to score more, resulting in rules and regulations  to keep students from such activities.

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