Drop or No?

People should take a drop or should they?

Why do we take a drop year? Probably because we have failed to achieve what we wanted or probably we have achieved it but we feel that we deserve better or probably the reservation system took your dreams away from you.

As usual, students flock to the famous city that goes by the name Kota, might not offer you any quota for the number of times you take a drop though; to take a drop year or maybe more and prepare for the competitive exams. We have made a society/mentality that makes the students feel that if they haven’t cleared the competitive examination, they’re labelled as failure, or probably a burden. When a student takes a drop year, he/she goes through a lot of pressure.

When the time period of two years of preparation is not sufficient for the students, it is advisory for them to take a drop year and have a thorough revision of what they could have done in the last two years. They get to learn from their performance in the examination they already appeared for.
They already know the mistakes they have committed in their previous preparatory time and know how to amend them and not repeat the same mistakes. Instead of compromising for a college of lower potential, students who are confident in their capabilities, get a chance to get into the top institutes, thus changing the course of their future.

An extra year turns out to be quite taxing. Taking a drop means studying for an extra year, the same concepts and preparation all over again. This can be extremely stressful for many, especially after the last time didn’t give you desirable results. Also, students who aspire to pursue further education can’t afford to waste extra years for their preparation.

Due to the unsatisfactory performance in the previous year, candidates tend to be under a huge pressure to outperform themselves, else the extra year may seem like a waste of their time and effort.Often students believe that they can improve their current rank after taking a drop, but another year of strenuous preparation puts them through a lot of stress and often they are discouraged, frustrated, depressed and sometimes simply bored. This leads them to score even lower than expected. This has been observed to be happening to a significant number of the people who take a drop.

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