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Hey students!! Are you working hard for your tight study schedule? That means you have kind of ignored your sleep. Pals then this is not a thing to be proud of. You need to go ahead, snooze!

Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. Sleep is something you need to be a winner. Hey! Let us all be truthful, we all know how much sleep is important. “If you’re trying to meet a deadline, you’re willing to sacrifice sleep,” Dr. Rapport says, “but it’s severe and reoccurring sleep deprivation that clearly impairs learning.” But I have a bigger query from all the hardworking students

The bigger question is should we be early birds or night owls to get better results? Let us discuss both sides and the result snore out on its own. how of hands if you’ve ever stayed up way too late texting with friends, catching up on TV shows, or scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest. Yep, plenty of us are guilty as charged — and as a result, we end up feeling exhausted in the morning. But you can be benefited if you ditch your night owl habit. Let’s see.

Early Birds

You might worry less

Getting up early  when the Mother Nature is fresh, let all your worries out and set yourself free. A study describes that people who get up early are more  calm and always ready to give better solutions .What more does a student need?

 Be more productive at work.

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at your desk after a super late night, staring blankly at the questions that’s supposed to be knowing — and nothing’s happening. That’s because lack of sleep messes with your cognition, making it harder for your brain to perform basic functions like concentrating and remembering

Lower the risk of disease carry factor

Sleep all night for proper duration, get up early, and breathe in pollution free air. Get yourself away from cast of diseases and build a strong immunity. Illness takes away your opportunities and presence at important events.

You procrastinate less.

A 2008 study found that early risers didn’t procrastinate as much as people who stayed up later. This statement shouldn’t come as a surprise since they’re proactive and have more quiet time in the morning to complete tasks. When you aren’t waiting until the last minute, you reduce your stress and can fall asleep worry-free.

Now you know what is awaiting for you early birds and you might not need to hit the snooze thrice in the morning.

Why should you be proud of being a night owl??Early bird gets the worm does not mean night owls are not sleep advocates.

Night Owls

People who sleep late have higher IQ

Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary scientist at the London School of Economics and Political Science, found a connection between intelligence and adaptive behaviors that are “evolutionary novel” — meaning they deviate from what our ancestors did. He wrote that “routine nocturnal activities were probably rare in the ancestral environment and are thus evolutionary novel.” The study concluded that “More intelligent children are more likely to grow up to be nocturnal adults who go to bed late and wake up late on both weekdays and weekends.”

The night strength of night owls

People who work late at night are more creative than others. They work in harmony with night.

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Most of the time students are deprived when they lack on their schedule. Most of the time goes in filtering what to study and what to not. So switch your ways to online portals like Winuall. Give away tensions and get fueled with answers to your questions.

So after the big question I would lay force on fact that students don’t be deprived of sleep. Be a night owl or an early bird whatever suits you well. But sleep, energize, work and repeat.


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