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Why early morning is better than late night ?

Early morning is the best!
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Chances are that you already know what you like to do- wake up early morning at 4 am or stay late till 4 am. Chances are that you don’t. Either way, it’s my job to tell you why early morning studies are better than late night ones. When you start investigating this matter, two problems arise.

Early Morning vs Late Night

Number One, while there might not be much similarities between the productivity processes of early mornings and late nights, their outcomes are more or less the same. You can get many arguments on the internet saying that either one of them is better than the other and quoting scientific facts to support the claims, but the truth is, it all finally comes down to what type of person you are. The chances of success in either process, depend on the chances of your answer being affirmative to questions like “Do you have the high enthusiasm and concentration power to get your work done?” or “Have you conquered over your procrastination?” etc.

Now, this brings me to my next problem, Number Two- there is a high chance that you don’t fall in the either categories, you fall in a third- You fall asleep 😝. Okay, enough with the puns. What I’m trying to say is that you sleep early and wake up late, you sleep late and you wake up late. Whatever permutation of this you follow, you don’t work in those times. Reason – Procrastination. Now dealing with procrastination is an entirely different topic and it might as well be the subject of my next blog, but the subject of this blog is about doing hard work either by waking up early morning or staying up till late to do it.

Early Morning and Late Night

If you are a night owl, and you’re doing really well in your work and getting results, then there isn’t much that I can do to change your mind, but if you’re not doing so well, or are trying to choose between one, then my complete vote lies with waking up early in the morning and working. The best way to completely utilize your mornings are to create morning rituals. You might not just study, you can include any type of work in your morning rituals, to make you a hell lot more productive. You can even try this, if your answer was either:

  • “Run out the door with toast in my mouth and hope I don’t miss the bus.”
  • “Eh, whatever I feel like, maaaaaan.”

…then you should seriously consider developing a morning ritual.

My cause for building a morning ritual is similar: It’s full of small, productive habits that act as quick wins. Starting my day trip with these habits builds up momentum, which incorporates me for the duration of the day at the same time as I’m working on my larger initiatives.

I discover that it’s a lot simpler to get into a state of flow with my principal work this way, as an alternative looking to take a seat down and start “cold”.

In his e-book The Motivation Hacker, the writer and programmer Nick Winter talks about the concept of success spirals. When you always see yourself succeeding at something, it enables to construct your self-belief and will increase the probability that you’ll achieve success at the next thing you attempt.

The Motivation Hacker by Nick Winter

Developing and sticking to a morning routine gives you numerous things you can see yourself succeeding at each day. This, in turn, builds your self assurance and facilitates you succeed at even bigger desires.


In addition, a morning ritual offers you a motive to get away from bed in the morning – one which you’ll genuinely look ahead to. I can’t tell about you, but I never definitely looked forward to waking up and going to work or class in the morning. Now, however, I actually have a couple of components linked into my ritual that I’m always enthusiastic about it.


Lastly, the time you spend on your morning ritual is in all likelihood to be the exceptional “you” time which you’ll get during the day. Most humans aren’t up and about inside the morning, meaning it’s not likely you’ll be interrupted. I love my time alone in the morning; on the odd morning that someone else is up as early as I am, I’m actually a little annoyed.

When you’re starting your morning with lots of little productive habits, it’s very easy to derail when you can’t do one. The “what-the-hell” effect is a killer.

What the hell!

I’ve had a few mornings in the past where I’ve woken up unable to find my headphones, or realized I didn’t have any eggs. On those mornings, I found myself checking email too early, or wasting time on the internet for two hours. Not really a good start to the day.

Minimize those mistakes; plan ahead each night, and your morning ritual will go smoothly.

That’s it!

Remember, ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’


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