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ECE versus CSE. What should I opt for?

Well, this dilemma has pestered the freshers from the time these branches have existed together. The early 90s, when CSE was in its nascence stages, it was looked upon with quite apprehension in the counselling rounds but there has been a makeshift change in this belief and CSE has emerged as one of the most popular branches in the present engineering scenario. The most common misconception, a better branch will result in better job prospects, is one of
the most hyped myth that has to flushed out from a student’s mind when students zero in on which branch they should choose as an undergraduate option.

This article throws light on the differences in the curriculum of these two branches and also on the job opportunities awaiting future CSE and ECE graduates.

Let’s talk about CSE first:

CSE or computer science and engineering is all about computers, understanding the concepts of computers, how they work and how can they be improvised and made better. Computers.
The first year will introduce you to basic programming. Courses like Data Structures will deal with building good programs. The basic things like operating systems, architecture, databases will be dealt in second year. Advanced concepts like networks, distributed systems, graphics will be taught in the year next and the final year will have courses such as artificial intelligence, soft computing, advanced databases etc which may not be essential but needed for some people who would like to specialize in those areas.

After completing CSE, you can expect jobs in many good companies like DELL, Flipkart, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM. You would probably be familiar about the firms which recruit in bulk numbers like the CTS, TCS, Accenture or Infosys. Ending up in any of these firms is not a big deal for CSE students or for ECE students. So job is not at all a problem for CSE students. booyeah!!!

However, If you pursue CSE for your bachelor’s degree then it reduces your chance and options for pursuing other subjects like electrical and electronics for your master’s degree but pursuing ECE keeps your option of doing masters in ECE or CSE wide open.

Ok about ECE now…

ECE is basically a combination of Electronics and Communication. Communication means radio waves, spectrum and the like which we use for communication. Electronics is basically the circuitry used in every electronic gadget. The course will deal with various circuits and concepts which are in use now. It is not a course where one can master both the electronic and computer domains and be comfortably sitting for placements. Everything is interlinked with computers. Those of the view that ECE is a branch with little computer science in it will stand disappointed as any good work in ECE will require good understanding of computer and coding principles.

Core jobs go to those who are strong with their fundamentals in ECE. People who are uncertain or confused might find it difficult to get into a core job. If you chose ECE in counseling with a drive to get into a core company, you will need to put in the hard efforts while you are studying.

If you like Electronics, Circuit-Designing, Semiconductors, Voltage, Current, Resistors etc…Go for Electronics.
If you like Data Mining, Database Management, Manufacturing IT etc… Go for Computer Science.

If you like Coding, Software as a Service, Product Development, you can go for anyone as they both code. The coding in Electronics is more of a Hardware based. Even if it is completely on a Software base, it will have some basic Circuit with it. While the Coding in Computer Science is completely Software based. If there is any hardware, it’s mostly a ready product.

At the end, you may end up doing the same thing for Work. Point being, all the major firms hire ECE as well as CSE for them.


Rather than comparing prospects of ECE and CSE and choosing the better one, pick the one you are interested in and make it work.

Our country and the world needs experts in almost every area – if you can become one and if you enjoy what you do, I don’t think anything else really matters greatly.

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