Trends in Engineering

Engineering Trends

Engineering , the word says it all. Probably one of the most recognized word. This field of education is the most under-rated one or to put in better words has become one of the most under-rated words with time and reasons are many. The way the engineering education is delivered has changed with time.It probably is still changing and   we all are aware of it “SPECIALLY IN INDIA“.

Let’s look how it has been altering and mutating through the edges in India.Dates back to the time when being Engineer was very astonishing. When people had their jaws dropped on hearing someone’s son in pursuing engineering.When Sharmaji’s son didn’t catch nationwide glamour. Engineering was considered very prestigious and the way education was delivered in those days held a top notch value. Getting a degree meant being highly educated and of course having a well paid job. Students specialized the fields they  studied. There were only core Engineering branches and no secondary branches and the field hardly hit recession. It wasn’t a child’s play , Engineering had a huge value and was epitome of education.There were limited colleges with limited students and with a single aim to produce world quality Engineers .

The change in situation and demands of time has framed things in such way that the value of Engineering has dwindled with time. As a result, the most common under-graduate Program in present day situation . Engineering colleges have been springing up like wild mushrooms in India in the last few years. Their number has gone up from a not too modest 1,511 colleges in 2006-07 to an astoundingly high 3,345 in 2014-15. The state of Andhra Pradesh alone has more than 700 colleges. Heavy Numbers, eh ? In our face.

A country where people, now , first complete Engineering and then decide what career path to take. There are thousands of Engineering jokes and memes breeding daily .We seem to take it light because we know it’s the harsh reality. The quality of education offered is also very decent *sarcasm intended*. 85% of my audience reading this blog happens to be inspiring Engineers and they very well understand me.

The Engineers' Stereotypes

The Engineers’ Stereotypes

I will cite an incident. My brother works in a bank whose branch is within the premises of an Engineering college . A student from college approached my brother to ask for special schemes for students. Just out of curiosity my brother asked his branch . He replied “Administration“. My brother pointed out if he is sure. He called someone else to confirm and replied “Oh Sorry , It’s civil“.Turns out the college was rolling out dummy admissions in ENGINEERING. Jaw dropping , right?


say what?

say what?

Paid degrees , poor education and mass unemployment, LOVELY! . Living the Indian dream? This is the trend and we seem to be okay with it. The value is becoming deplorable but every cloud has a silver lining . Let’s cross fingers and hope things get better with time.

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