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Exam’s tomorrow ? Take these Tips maybe.

Hello folks. As the exam season is on,with students attempting their terminal exams and preparing for  their so called career deciding entrance exams we thought it would be worth to help you with some tips. With more than 25 lakh  students for class twelve exams , over 14 lakh for JEE exam and over 5 lakh students appearing for medical exams there’s a huge pressure on the education system nevertheless the students as well. Every person has their own way of preparation and not everyone succeeds . Well, there are certainly few things you  don’t wish to do a night before exam.

Pulling an All-Nighter

For most of the students, preparation starts one day before exam but for such hefty exams staying awake a whole night before exam is not something I would suggest. Good sleep helps you with a soothing memory , no fatigue and helps maintaining stress . You don’t want yourself napping for 15 minutes and writing exam for next 15.


Anxiety and Mismanagement

It’s must to manage everything and handling your anxiety. A little overdose of anxiety and there you are losing your calm , hitting your head hard and ruining your preparation . Just breathe,avoid stress and heavy learning.



Partying Hard and Alcohol consumption

Staying calm and looking for ways of recreation is a good idea to balance your exam stress but alcohol is way off the limits . You don’t wish to struggle with your hang over rather than memorizing formulas and algorithms.


Change diet and Poor nutrition

A sudden change in your diet is likely to cause nothing but God bless our poor luck which is prone to go worse specially on our important days and just in case you happen to go unlucky and fall ill , that’s it . Mic drop.


Talking to Nervous people

Nervous fellow-mates are likely to stay confused most of the time and are likely to get  things puzzled within your head too. They tend to drag you to their level too . Avoid such people.


Learning Something for the first time

If there’s a topic that you haven’t studied even once, I would suggest to skip it even now  , rather focus on your stronger areas and practice them more . A new topic is likely to consume more time and might confuse you.


These are few things you should avoid if you want a good heads for your exam.You miss these and down goes the ship of a good result , God be with you then.


You don’t wanna end up like this kid. Do you ? Poor chap.



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