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Factors to consider while choosing any Field to pursue in Higher Education


Times have rapidly changed today. Everything that was in vogue in previous decades has now become obsolete and new trends in every Field are emerging. The changes can be attributed to a lot of things viz. political, social, environmental etc. They can be seen in everything ranging from fashion to music​ to transport.Even education has changed.

Choose the field that is best for you!

Choose the field that is best for you!


Nowadays, you won’t see many students striving to take the age old engineering studies like civil engineering. In the last decade itself, the trend changed with the advent of Computer Sciences and Information Technology. People have flocked in large numbers to take up related courses and as a result these fields have now reached a saturation point ( kind of). As of now, there isn’t very much scope in CS or IT where you can expect a very well paid job unless and until you’re doing something unique.

Also, trends for taking offbeat courses like Ethical hacking, Spa Management, Puppetry, etc are starting to make a firm footing in the land of courses to take after 12th. One such career which we know as a YouTuber and Vine Creater is also becoming very famous, with many people who have unique concepts in video making, getting huge numbers in views and thus getting paid handsomely by YouTube. You can take up courses related to Videography, Photography, and other related multimedia, and can take up the job as a professional YouTuber.
One can argue that now is the perfect time to follow your passion, which might lead to pursuing myriad fields like traveling, food tasting, etc. Yet, an equal group of people share the opinion that now is the least favorable time to follow your passion due to various reasons. All this has created a very confusing scenario, where a student who has just completed his school can easily get lost and end up taking something which might not be the best option for him.
Thus, students need to keep certain factors in mind while choosing their field
1. Economic Factor: If one thing can make your life easier than anything else, let’s face it, its money. You can keep getting all philosophical over money and might even argue the importance of money vs passion in your life, but there is no denying the wonders that money can do. Thus, as far as I’m concerned, financial security should be of prime importance when a field is considered.
In their book, ” Why we want you to be rich”, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have stated a fact that most people (middle class and poor class) have a very low financial IQ, which forever prohibits them to make good money while constantly making poor financial choices.Improve your Financial IQ

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki firmly believe that in addition to all other type of education, financial education is very important for a person.
Thus, financial security can act like the decisive sieve between 9-5 jobs and ‘passion’ related jobs.
2. Competition and saturation in a field: This has to be the most basic factor when deciding a field. Not very long ago, computer engineers were making a lot of money and getting a technical degree in CS was considered as the cream. But look at the same field now.

CS is becoming increasingly saturated and the competition is becoming mad, so if you wanna make big in CS, now would be a very tough time, unless you’re taking it with a specialization.
3. Sociopolitical Factor: Global and local politics play a very important role when it comes to jobs. It is always a better idea, to take a look at the jobs that your chosen field would provide in the future. For eg., if you’re planning to work in the US, now is the worst possible time, especially after the appointment of Donald J Trump as the US President. He has a very different outlook on the jobs in US and he is planning to reduce the outsourcing of jobs.
4. Credibility of the course : Credibility of a course is very important and should be taken into consideration. Divulging in any new offbeat course without checking its credibility can be fatal for your career.
5. University of choice: If you plan on joining a particular University or a college, then taking up the best course offered by them is not a bad option, even if you don’t have much interest.

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Decide with thoroughness

Choosing a field can be a very demanding and challenging task, or it can be a cake walk, either way ample thought should be given to it and only after considering all the necessary factors, should the decision be made. Here is the link to an article, which I’m sure many of you will find helpful on this point. After going through this piece of blog, I’m pretty sure the clouds will begin to clear up, leaving you in the sunny charm of your chosen field.

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