While taking an examination, there are a number of aspirants with varying capabilities, potentials and preparations. Have you ever landed up in a situation where you are well prepared for the examination yet fail to inculcate the sense of confidence within you? A number of students, owing to the lack of a well organised schedule and SMART learning go wrong and mess up their examinations.

Every student wants to know how to give their best shot while sitting in the board examination under immense pressure. So there are certain ‘DO’s’ and ‘DON’Ts’ that an aspirant should keep in mind before stepping out in the field.

  • Check out the syllabus: Before starting your preparation make a note of all the chapters according to their weight age and then start studying based on the weight-age. Distribute time accordingly. Do not waste your time going through a number of books. Select one book and thoroughly study that particular book for every subject. Try spending more time on subjects that you find tough but do not ignore the easy subjects.
  • Prepare a time-table: Your time-table should be such that you stick to it in any situation whatsoever. Do not make a time-table simply for the sake of it. Also keep some spare time in order to compensate any activity that you missed owing to some emergency. Also spare some time for workouts. Proper physical workout is also very important for a student because it ensures blood circulation in the brain which leads to a healthy mind as well as heart and raises the level of concentration.
  • Take short breaks: Not all of us are used to sit for long hours and study continuously. After a certain limit, our body and brain stops accepting information. Thus, it is advisable to take short breaks of 10-15 minutes after an hour of study so that you are able to retain whatever you have read instead of sitting and staring at the book for long hours.
  • Do not wait for the D-day: many students are not able to complete their syllabus before the examinations. The sole solution to this problem is studying regularly. Regular preparation boosts up the self-confidence of the student and gives him/her an upper hand over the last minute survivors.
  • Memorizing stuff: Many students face problems in memorizing things. One should know that learning is accompanied by the lucidity of the concept. Moreover it is always preferable to write down things and make notes. We can’t expect things to jump into our brain and so writing can be wholesome

  • M A T H E M A T I C S: For those of us who are scared of mathematics, it is a subject which could be mastered at, by rigorous and regular practice. Once you know the concept solve as many questions as you can and you never forget it again.
  • Finish the paper in time: Many students are not able to retain the matter during the exams. Spend a limited time to ponder over the solution. In case you are not able to recall, PROCEED. Do not waste time over one question giving up on the question which you already know. Invest some time for revising your paper.
  • Previous year Question Papers: Solving previous year question papers is one of the best ways to polish a concept and gives you the confidence to face the question papers. While solving question papers try setting a timer and create an ambiance of examination hall around you. Prefer not to get up while the timer is running. After solving the question paper, review it with your friends or teachers to rectify the errors.
  • How to attempt the questions: Attempting the answers in a proper sequence gives an impression to the examiner that the student is well prepared to face any and every question alike whereas writing in a haphazard manner may irritate the examiner. Do not vomit everything on the paper. Ensure that you write whatever is asked and not everything. Lengthy answers may cost you marks. Also listing out points will be convenient for the examiner to evaluate, which will again give you an upper hand.


All these are certain points you need to keep in mind while preparing for board examination and also while taking the board examination.

Many people say that last minute revision can mislead a student but research show that a bit of nervousness before exams come only when you are very well prepared so it’s nothing wrong in getting nervous but one thing that you need to have in mind is that

“Never let your nervousness and fears overpower your confidence and optimism.”

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