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Give me a break, life!

Current scenario : 

The world never seems to be ending, it always goes on and on,round and round, and life with all the ups and down.At one moment it is filled with all the excitement and surprises, making it jolly good but at the other it is dull and depressing.

And theses twists and turns are important as they not only provide thrill but make it an adventurous roller coaster ride. Imagine a world with all the people happy and with all the leisure. Will it make our world a better place to live in? Answer is   obviously not as if we get all that we deserve, and there is nothing to fight for. Then what will be the sole purpose of our living.

Actually the real pleasure we do get by travelling down the road, which ultimately lead to our destination. It’s the journey which we count on, and not the destination. We should be less worried about the successor failure, because our supreme goal to lead a happy life irrespective of the amount of money you have in your pocket. Remember a rich man can lead a sad life,whereas a poor can still be happy.It’s true with money comes the desire to earn more, to get more of it, and with that our lives becomes a bit more complicated. Complicated in the sense that, greediness grows along with it, and it continuously tends to increase as long as our desires for richness grows on.

When we were small, we acted in our own childish play. Life was not as much complicated as it is now, we used to play, sleep and study that’s all.We were not even touched by the evilness, we were surrounded with. As we grew,our brain developed, we got more educated, became more experienced and practical.But god knows somehow things became more complicated. Life was not a fairy tale as we supposed to be when we were young. Instead of earning for a living, we started living for an earning. We became more of a machine.Working in shifts from 10 to 5, sitting in front of our computers.Even doing overtime to get an extra cream apart from the milk. Even the social circle we use to have before,is now diminished to a point circle.

Do we now even care to know who our neighbours are, to get to know them. Even our own life now is not as simple as we used to have. When was the last time you sat under the sky? Gazing the stars and admiring its beauty with your loved ones? Do you ever get enough time to spend with your own family, your parents, spouse and your children? Have you ever asked them what do they really want from your side? Yeah, money is important for the security and for earning a decent livelihood. But my question is what is the limit, after which we have to stop? We all start working from a very young age, and work till our late 60s. When will we get time for ourselves?

Most of our time has already passed, and then we retire peacefully, then ultimately wait for the death to arrive at our doorsteps and to take us away with it,.Leaving behind our body which had been torn out and tempered from the stress and pains we endured throughout our life. So, will you be happy even after that? Have you achieved the external and internal happiness, you wanted all your life?

Your pursuit of happiness started with money but never ended completely right. Don’t you ever want to live a life, a life full of adventures.To be unheeded, happy, near to the wild heart of life. To be young and wilful ,to swim the wild sea, breathe the wild air, enjoy the sunshine, and sunsets.Dreaming of a far better tomorrow, then today. Just think of it, when some day you will get some free time from your hectic schedule.

When our days in this world will be going to end, and the last recap you will  see. What do you want to see in that? It will showcase all your memories from the childhood till your death bed. Your life will flash before your eyes for 7 minutes in a chronological order. Will you cherish those memories, or will that make you guilty about not living a happy life? Because  you are the master of your own life, captain of your own soul. Only you can change your  way of life, I repeat only you. And the moment you even want to change it, your time will be over,and nothing will be left in your hands, except the dead wistful past. So, are you ready for this?


Time flees, it never waits,

only remains the memories,

memories in which you and I lived,

 we came from dust and then will return again,

All my life I was living in a  lie

And the saddest part for which I always cried,

Never got to know about my true self, before I died….

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