Good college for graduation: Does your future end here?

which college to choose?
Great confusion among students for choosing a decent college

“One needs to get into a really good college, because that is what gives you a job assurance.”

“Only few colleges have trust – worthy placement records.”


to what extent does college matter?

“Once a part of an IIT, you can expect a 7 – digit salary. Forget it otherwise!”

“A healthy competition means IITs: be it before, during or after the college days.”

“B.Tech is the basic education one needs to have, in order to seem literate enough. Other courses like B.Sc are losing their value.”

Are you one of the forced listeners to these typical myths? If yes, I hope you start finding a way through my question itself. Yes, I called all those statements a myth, something that no one wants to believe in, but everyone ends up believing, anyway.

which college will give me a reliable future?

Being in this phase of life, I hope we find the courage to unfollow the same thinking.

College is NOT the last decision you can make in your life for a better future. Having experienced that myself, the smallest decisions you make during the regular college days matter more.

I don’t deny the fact that you need a decent college with a satisfactory reputation for campus – selection in dream companies. But, the rest of it lies entirely in your hands. One can anyways apply for the dream firms individually, i.e., for off – campus interviews.

admissions in a good college is what students desire for!

Keeping such flexible thoughts should never result in lack of efforts from oneself. On the other hand, you must never lose your calm on being unable to get into IITs and other reputed colleges like BITS. A decent institution provides, if not all, atleast all the basic requirements for achieving heights. For more information on IITs and BITS, visit

Admissions in a good college is what every student desires, during these days. Anxiety and hopelessness are genuine. But you are the one who can always light hopes for yourself as well as your well – wishers. I can’t…. should not be your approach.



What if one isn’t that interested in the in – demand course: B.Tech? I personally don’t feel achieving even the most sought -after goal without any self – interest would bring any better hopes to one’s future. Why not invest your body, mind and time into something that fascinates you? This way, you won’t think of your work as a burden or a task to be finished off.

Before you start regretting the decision taken by your younger – self,

                                     CHOOSE WISELY,

                                                                 CHOOSE ‘YOU’…!

success: doesn't depend on college

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