Hacking…but Ethically

All of us have thought of hacking in our childhood. How we all wished we could change our final reports on the school website if we knew hacking. We could just hack into any website and do whatever we wished, gain access to information no one else around us did.

We all have read about those famous hacking cases that make it to the headlines. Last year 2017,  had a fair share of cyber security disasters including the WannaCry ransomware and Wikileaks CIA Vault 7.The hackers who break the defenses and exploit the acquired data are well known to everyone. But when these hackers are committing crimes, there should be someone to stop them right?

This is where Ethical Hackers come into the picture.


Ethical Hackers(also known as white hat hackers) are ultimate security professionals. Ethical Hackers possess the same skills as the hackers who commit crimes. The only difference is Ethical hackers use their skills to find the vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the systems and fix them in a legitimate way.

Skills possessed by a malicious hacker and an ethical hacker are equivalent. Ethical hackers follow a certain principle and abide by the rules or the organization. Malicious hackers are known worldwide for exploiting sensitive data. It is the job of the ethical hackers to find all loopholes and ways through which the particular system can be hacked and report the bugs to avoid exploitation of data by other malicious attacks.


Evaluating and ensuring the security of the network or system is the main purpose of ethical hacking.

A penetration test is advisable to every organization that has a network connected to the Internet or provides any sort of online service. There are companies who have their own team of ethical hackers who run penetration tests from both internal and external perspective, making the company’s services difficult to hack.


For any form of hacking to be deemed ethical, the hacker must have permission from the owner to probe their network and attempt to find potential risks.


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