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HEXA-Factor to consider before taking a Drop year

So , to take a drop year or not to that is the question.


Most of you reading this right now must have gone through multiple sites googling the success rate of cracking competitive exams after a drop year . It’s a very hard decision as you have to consider a lot of tough situations like , what if these 8760 hours are not enough for me to achieve my dream or what if my focus decelerates with the same speed it accelerated ? or worse , what if I score worse than what i did in my first attempt ? . Most of these questions keep you awake at night , to begin with you are not alone .  A lot of those who didn’t meet their academic expectations  are battling with the same scenario.

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Here I am to put forward six things you must consider before spending the next 365 days under PRESSURE.

  • Consult someone who knows you: Now, I know what you’re thinking “Wouldn’t that confuse me?” as a matter of fact no, because right now what you need is someone who will show you the mirror, be it a parent, teacher or a fellow peer, someone who will tell you ” i know if you take a drop you will be able to do it ” or ” i know if you take a drop you will score lesser than what you did” . Right now, your brain is in the impulse zone where your actions will be based on what you want momentarily but someone telling you what they think will be best for you based on the years they have known you for, is what you need.
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  • Have a set Goal in mind: Now that you saw your performance in the twelfth grade and are thorough with the subjects you took and studied for , there is nothing wrong in changing your stream or expanding your career options ,contrary to what people think it is NEVER too late to follow or work for something you think you will be better at and if you are scared of the ” I told you sos ” from your parents , at least you will have tried and tested what your heart wanted than to have listened to what society wants and wonder for the rest of your lives  ” what would my future be if I had taken what I ACTUALLY wanted”. Even if you are giving the exam a second attempt be VERY sure you really want it.Image result for target
  • Are you sure your level of determination will be constant? This, my friend is something very important to consider. You start with a fire in your belly and in the middle of the year if you give up on everything solely because you don’t see any point of it, is the beginning of your doom. Most of the dropouts during the drop year undergo major highs and lows in their lives (more lows than highs of course), you might not be able to prevent these lows but you should be sure you can pick yourself up and compose yourself for the battleground (competitive exams of course).  Have a never give up attitude no matter what the mock exam results show no matter how tough the competition gets you NEED TO PERSEVERE.
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  • Prepare a SWOT analysis chart for the next year: Before deciding to take a drop year make a chart of all the “Strengths”, “Weaknesses”, “Opportunities”, and “Threats”. Now strengths being your strong subjects, your coaching institution, the support from your parents, etc. weaknesses being the subjects you need to work on, your attention span, social media, the travelling time, etc., a lot of things have to be considered like your performance in the competitive exam this time, if you barely scored well or cleared by fluke taking a drop will only be a rational option if you work exceptionally hard with a lot of fervour. Consider taking a drop only if your strength and opportunities outweigh your weaknesses and threats.
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  • Consider the chances of failure: You must keep in mind that success is not 100% guaranteed.  Hence, be ready to accept whatever that comes your way. Keep in mind all the things that can go wrong like your health , maybe some economic issue or some rules might change in the exam that aren’t in your favour (like NEET). You might score lower than what you did year and loose the colleges you had a chance at this year. You must consider the worst case scenario but never have a failed spirit, because nothing in life is worth losing your hope. Always be hopeful for a better future and work for it. You will always have your friends and family for support.Image result for consider chances of failure cartoon
  • Have a plan B: Now I know how bad it feels when things don’t go according to the way you had planned for it to be.  Having a plan B is a good idea because in case plan A doesn’t work out at least you aren’t left clueless you have a cushion to fall on. It feels terrible to get Donald Trump after you have been hoping someone like Obama, But hey, at least he’s better than Hilary. Have a good college in mind if you are not able to get what you want it, maybe you might do better in it than you would have done in your Plan A College.Image result for plan B in mind cartoon

In the end, keep in mind whatever you take YOU are the one who will have to live with the consequences, good or bad. Own your decisions and always be Positive because all said and done it’s your life.

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