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Are you not getting a way of learning ,here is a way (1-3-7-21 Technique)

Knowledge and action are deeply related

1-3-7-21  technique

Revision is the most important key

There are so many techniques in the study world
 Every person studies, then why the results differ. It’s all about the type of study. The way of way create a lot if differences. In study, it’s very important and mindful thing that whatever we study, it should be memorized by our mind. In this 1-3-7-21 technique will help you a lot.
For keeping the things stored in the mind, Mind needs repeatability. Here it becomes so much important, in how much time we have to repeat the things for learning them.

This is how exactly our mind works in order to learn the new skills :

Specifically, training resulted in decreased activity in brain regions involved in effortful control and attention that closely overlap with the frontoparietal control and dorsal attention networks. Increased activity was found after training, however, in the default network that is involved in self-reflective activities, including future planning or even day dreaming. Thus, skill mastery is associated with increased activity in areas not engaged in skill performance, and this shift can be detected in the large-scale networks of the brain.

Essentially, the more adept you become at a skill, the less work your brain has to do. Over time, a skill becomes automatic and you don’t need to think about what you’re doing. This is because your brain is actually strengthening itself over time as you learn that skill.

For figuring out this, there are two ways:


=>first one ,”experiment”,do the experiment in such a way so that you can figure out in how much time, how many things, you are forgetting so that you can remind the things in the same time. This is a way but it’ll take a long time in order to get good results ,so bettr=er is to go with second one.


=>Second one is, there is already one experiment done on it and results of the experiment are “1-3-7-21” technique.
What is 1-3-7-21 technique?
In 1-3-7-21 technique, we have to repeat the things in this order. For the first revision, you have to repeat just one day after the study. Just after one day, maybe it can give you the feeling of boredom but it’s very important.
It’s impossible to learn 100% in one time.
So in the first revision, you will feel that only 90% things are left in your mind and 10% is lost. If you wouldn’t have revised the things , it would have gone from your mind for forever.
 In the interval of these described way you have to revised the things and because of this method ,understanding of the things for a long time with better accuracy will be developed.
Happy  Studies.
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