Instructions on how to darken the bubbles on JEE Advanced 2016 ORS Answer Sheet

JEE Advanced 2016 official portal have released a video to explain candidates the right way of marking answers in JEE Advanced 2016 ORS answer sheet.

JEE Advanced test is held in offline mode i.e. pen and paper mode, unlike JEE Main which is conducted online as computer based test. Each year candidates commit mistake in darkening the bubbles on the ORS answer sheets. This blunder leads to marks deduction as the answers are not read by the optical reading machine.

In order to avoid this error, JEE Advanced 2016 official website has released a video tutorial on darkening bubbles in ORS. Watch out the video below.

How to use JEE Advanced 2016 ORS Answer Sheet

  • Candidates must use BLACK BALL POINT pen ONLY to darken the bubbles
  • The answer sheet of Paper I and II of JEE Advanced 2016 is machine readable. The ORS has two pages with the same layout. Typically, the first page of the answer sheet (ORS) is machine readable; it is created in a way so as to leave impressions of the responses on the second page
  • Candidates should not, under any condition, try to separate the alignment of the two pages of the ORS
  • Candidates are directed to mark the responses of all the questions on the first page of the ORS by darkening the appropriate bubbles
  • Appearing for both Paper I and Paper II is mandatory. Hence, the ORS of only those candidates who have appeared for both the papers will be checked
  • Candidates are advised to apply enough pressure to make sure that a proper and clear impression is made on the second page of the ORS

How to darken the bubbles in the JEE Advanced 2016 ORS Answer Sheet


  • Put adequate pressure to ensure proper impression is made on the second page
  • Be very careful when handling the bar code; it is machine readable
  • Use only BLACK BALL POINT pen
  • The bubbles should be fully darkened
  • Copy the entire roll number from your JEE Advanced 2015 Admit Card by writing in the boxes provided. Then darken the corresponding bubbles digit by digit


  • Do not damage or tamper the bar code
  • Do not use pencils, gel pens, fountain pens, sketch pens, colour ball point pens, and highlighters should be used to mark responses in the ORS
  • Do not put cross or tick or any other mark to indicate your answer. Also, do not darken partially
  • Do not forget to write the Roll number

Candidates are recommended to watch the video carefully and keep the instructions in their mind while darkening the bubbles.

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