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Biotechnology and other biology fields to explore


Being a PCB student you may be told there is no scope in this biology business. The sound of your parents and their friends, (seemingly any working adult you come across) telling you this, is only too familiar. And yet, at other times we hear the words ‘biotechnology is an upcoming field’ in defense of this career path. So what exactly does it involve?







Biology studies are by nature rather diverse and confusing to slot into neat job titles. However, there is a lot you can do with a biology background or major. Many of Bachelor’s level degrees pertain to theoretical sciences which are by their very nature not desk jobs.

These studies include Zoology, Botany, Environmental Science, and other related fields. However, many of these have an applied technical component to them which is just being explored.

The Indian scenario is slowly widening to make more bio-related job opportunities known to the general public. BioTecNika is one such hub for biotechnology and other bio-science fields. It has the latest news in development and job offers. There are a wide range of projects and internships available for aspiring young minds.

Some areas of study that may be pursued are:

  • Biotechnology
  • Food technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Animal science
  • Agricultural technology
  • Soil microbiology

These are only some of the different fields that can be pursued with a biology major. These sciences delve into genetics, proteomics and the development of innovative techniques to study the same.


Perhaps the reason why we hear that biological sciences have no scope today is because the ‘scope’ is just too wide to imagine. Innovation and research studies in biology are very tedious. Hence they take years or even decades to come to fruition. The life of a research scientist is certainly not easy, and not a day job that dumps an assured salary into your bank account.

To take up biology related studies that make a real difference to the state of current affairs, you will need a lot of patience, funding and persistence. It is a life of constant learning, and being surrounded by academia. You may join a  project funded by a large university to provide a stipend amount for your work. This ensures commitment to the work. However this sort of commitment will scarcely allow any others. This sort of work does not guarantee a life of luxury.

Standard laboratory used in biotechnology courses


Schools seldom prepare children for such a life of taking risks and learning commitment. We are raised to believe that some day we will have a perfect job that pays just right. There may be some level of paid work that comes close to this idealistic standard. If you are looking for this- you ought to stay away from biology studies for sure.


You will find that biology fields demand a whole lot from you –time, money, academic knowledge- and offer very little material compensation. However, if you are the sort who reads, questions and theorizes in your free time or someone who will not take no for an answer, this might be something you are looking for.

Biotechnology is certainly a very wide field. A bachelor’s degree does not guarantee any kind of future. It also is not ‘wasting’ any time. However, the immediate next step after the completion of this degree is to pursue a higher one. Hence, academic knowledge is an essential component in this field.


If you seem to be –

  • Creative
  • An avid reader
  • Original in thought
  • Headstrong and stubborn
  • An overall optimist
  • Ready for a life within closed doors
  • Largely an introvert
passion for biotechnology

                 Talk about work ethic

Consequently, studying biotechnology may enrich your life in ways you could never have imagined. As the years go by studying concepts, there will be a need to develop some projects of your own. This is a necessity and will be required of you. It is an applied science that thrives on new ideas molded from old concepts.

Most of all, projects and paper writing are not easy to follow through. They need commitment and hard work. There must be some passion within you to keep at it, even when there may be numerous corrections and revisions needed.



If these things are what you are looking for –

  • Fast money
  • Richer lifestyle
  • Stable income
  • Change in profession within a few years
  • Less stress
  • Less chances of failure

Biology fields seldom offer these. Therefore you may think of going down this path as a marriage of sorts. It needs care and faith as well as a lot of hard work. You must be a romantic and a little giddy in the head to decide to do it. If it is something you truly love and believe will inspire you for life, go for it.




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