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How a JEE aspirant should manage time?

Any student enrolled for ‘TWO YEARS PROGRAMME’ after 10th standard; shall utilize his/her “TIME as MONEY”. I can say, “YOU” have nearly 100 weeks to work effectively with your preparations i.e. (coaching classes +school +self study). In this curriculum, you get nearly ONE THOUSAND HOURS of coaching class for jee preparation in a span of two years. Which any reputed brand generally provides; but the ‘MAGIC’ lies with the  ‘SELF STUDY’ part. I recommend, ‘Three hours’ of self-study for ‘every hour’ of class attended by the student. Also with the number of questions attempted by ‘SELF’ shall be three times to ‘ the number ‘ of ‘problems’ discussed in CLASS. You can easily manage  30 HOURS of ‘self-study’ per week, even when you are engaged with 8 to 10 hrs of (School +Coaching Classes) per day, there three to four days of coaching in a week.

Hence you can ‘GENERATE’  (100×30= 3000 ) HOURS of self-study in a span of two years. This 3000 hrs of ‘quality self-study’ are sufficient to give you a good rank in IIT.  “This Routine” was exactly followed by a student with AIR within 50 in the year 2010.

With such a good rank you can get any branch of your choice as well as the best of IITs to study with. All those students with similar AIRs had definitely done well in their careers professionally too.

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The total ‘NET ASSET’ created by any IITian after a  successful professional career  of ( 25 + ) years would be nearly  30 crores on an average. As the life  is also  ‘prepaid’ –  i.e.  ‘we get  back, what we invest in it’. Hence a self-study of  3000 quality hrs  has a potential to generate  30  crores in your life. 

With this assumptions.

An EQUATION arises as ..

3000HRS =  30 CRORE= 3000 LAC

which  gives 🙁 1 HOUR = 1 LAC !!!)


Time is money

Time is Money

  Hence every  one hour  invested in  ‘self-study’ can pay you  back,  ‘rupees one lac’.  I bet, if any student  takes the  importance of time with this  approach,  then certainly,  ‘he will  be successful’ with the  ‘set target’;  for sure.  

Even the number of questions, which any student shall practice  are also  fixed. Say in Physics; there is total of 25  chapters, and you need  to practice nearly ‘250 quality questions’ from each  chapter. Which will  add upto. 25×250=6250  questions.

Similarly,  if we take other two subjects ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Maths’with equal  questions and chapters;t hen the total number of questions will be; 6250 ×3=18750. Which  I can generalise it to  nearly 20000 questions.

So with 3000  hrs, you have  to practice  these 20000 quality questions. Also,  you can  easily solve  six to seven questions per hour.

Qualifying IIT  is not  an ‘ ART’ but  a ‘SCIENCE’.  Science  says  anyone can  get  the  result by  following it’s basic  laws .But ‘Art’is unique  feature  of an individual, like the  one  owned  by a magician.

So follow these  simple  rules and  get  the ‘complexities’ of JEE resolved.

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Best  wishes. ..

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1 Comment

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