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Is JEE stress getting to your head?

“It is not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

So, JEE is around the corner, and your stress levels are rising above the roof. JEE is a huge examination, and the years of preparation will boil down to extreme levels of panic. To add to that, we stress ourselves further by worrying and thinking too much. We assume a negative future and that causes us to panic. Many students blame stress and anxiety for their poor results because it cripples them and hinders their productivity on the final day itself. Thankfully, studies show that stress doesn’t have to be the villain.

Here are some ways you can use stress to your favour –

  • Get rid of unnecessary worrisome points and issues – For example, clutter on your desk is a distraction and a pointless source of stress. Seeing books and papers scattered everywhere can really cause panic. Clear the clutter and you’ll feel better automatically! Also, improve your diet and exercise to feel healthier and fresher.

  • Change the perception – Look at stress as a positive thing that drives you into studying harder. Use it to your advantage and you’ll be able to do much better in your exams. Healthy stress has been proven time and again to increase productivity. Too much stress and no stress at all, both are harmful for your preparation.

  • Find your purpose, and your goals – Everytime you feel overwhelmed and worried, the simplest thing to do is to remember the reason why you’re going through this struggle. Reminding yourself of the sweet fruit of success at the end of this can really amp you up and reduce pressure. Your goals will act as stimuli and put you in a positive, driving position. Pressure should never be an obstacle, it should be a positive driving force.

  • Take a break! – Go take a walk outside, talk to your friends on the phone for a few minutes… let your mind rest and distress for a while. It’s essential you don’t overwork yourself, and study productively and smartly. A pizza break always helps!

Early morning is the best!

One of the biggest days of your life is coming up, and running away from it is not the solution. Don’t try to eliminate it or escape from it. Embrace it and use it to your advantage so that it helps increase your grasping power, concentration, and time management!

Best of luck to all candidates, and give it your best shot!


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