Starting preparation of an examination few days earlier always gives better results. Each and everyone of us follow different patterns and tactics to prepare for a test. Proper planning of the things in their order of priority always leads to a smooth way of learning things. During preparation, we all know what are the things which need our attention but if we know the things that we SHOULD NOT do before examinations than the path being followed by us to prepare becomes more clear from the obstacles of distractions. Here are few things one should not do before examinations :-

  1. Avoiding sleep :- It’s been like a myth that one who skips his/her sleep and study every time instead gets the highest marks. This is rubbish. Avoiding sleep have adverse effects on the working of brain and hence on our whole body that can have devastating results on your study too. Skipping sleep most of the times leads to lower grades. So don’t skip your sleep while preparing for an examination.
  2. Panicking :- Anxiety and panic attacks are often experienced by students while or before the examination. Seeing extensive syllabus and long and tough chapters usually are the root cause of panic during preparation. Keeping yourself calm is one of the most strongest tool in way to achieve good learning power. Take deep breathes and keep yourself happy.
  3. Mugging up everything :- Mugging up things cannot help us to solve logical questions but instead can lead to massive confusion. Try not to mug up things and start understanding the principles to get a better hold on a topic.
  4. Hurrying up :- Slow down. Learning in a hurry and not learning anything are equivalents. Careful reading and spending proper time on a topic can only help you to understand.
  5. Group studies :- Many of us think that group study helps a lot to prepare. It’s a hoax. Group studies are one of the biggest distractions one could encounter during exam preparations.
  6. Getting angry :- Intense syllabus, noisy room sometimes even the libraries, missing stationary, incomplete notes often leads to an angry mind. But remember one thing, the more you get angry the more you loose control over your memory and the less you will learn. So keep calm.
  7. Distractions :- Picking up unwanted phone calls, listening to music while studying, chatting on WhatsApp and dreaming are nothing but obstacles in the path of learning things. Avoid them as strongly as you can.

The things listed above came from experiences. Loosing your grades even if you study hard makes one detached from hope. Keep calm, study hard, Don’t mug up, give your 100 % and achieve great things in life.

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