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The tree of knowledge

Gaining knowledge is all that we need to be successful

Knowledge……….Development……….Success !

Have you ever wondered why words like knowledge and skills bring hope for our hearts and smile to our faces. Maybe because these are the perfect depiction of what each one of us wants from life.

Ponder upon these for a moment:

Hard work……….Struggle……….Failure !

Do you realize you tend to stay away from either facing or using these words? I know you do, but without actually accepting them as an integral part of the earlier discussed words that you wish for.


This knowledge tree depicts the distractions present in today's world

The entire problem behind you being depressed at the end of everything you do lies here.

So, here is the suitable knowledge tree for your kind of personality:

No one always gets success without compromise, and even failure. The people who you think are leading a life full of comfort have either gained it or are too good at making you feel that.

Love yourself, my friend ! You have potential, probably more than you are aware of. 

So, the first thing you need to do after you feel you can no more deal with work is relax and take a deep breath. Next, ask yourself whether you find interest in your present life, be it job or your personal matters.

The ultimate key to a happy life is self – satisfaction. Being curious for learning new things is never bad, but satisfaction is always a must. Staying happy with what you have at present helps you to gain better results in future. Also, it allows you to have a better control over your mind.

So, do you really think worrying about your future and not taking necessary decisions will be of any use? Instead, be fearless and move forward in your field of interest. That is all one needs to grow exponentially according to THE KNOWLEDGE TREE. This is because once we persuade the domain of our choice, work is no longer a load for us.

Knowledge and action are deeply related

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