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Lakhs of students sit for IITJEE every year but only a few make it through. Statistically speaking out of those many students around 5,000 manage to get into high ranked IITs. When the competition is cut-throat one needs and has to have judicious planning and smart strategies to achieve that profile which they have set out for. IITJEE toppers not only work hard but they do so with a lot of focus and thinking.

We at Winuall bring you a series of interviews with the toppers themselves, so that you can benefit from their experience and advices.


Nitin Jain, a student of MVN Faridabad bagged the all India first position in IITJEE exam in the year 2009 and has a story of his success to share.

Let us see what strategies the toppers adopt to succeed in examinations:


Proper time management

IIT JEE toppers have always sworn by three planning tools, a proper time table for each subject, long term and short term plans and a balanced study schedule which leaves adequate time for other activities such as exercise, sports etc. This is important for students because they just don’t JEE preparation to take care but other entrance exams and boards, which are all very important.

Refer to: http://blog.winuall.com/tips-to-manage-your-time-better/

Mentoring/ coaching class

When you meet a bunch of people and you compete and excel within them, one should realise that there are thousands of such groups out there and many other toppers. To broaden their horizon and compete with the larger crowd is a challenge and to be AIR 1, challenges like these will help one grow.
A person needs healthy competition and guidance at every step in order to succeed. A coaching institution which mentors students not only on concepts, but also on study techniques and strategies goes a long way in ensuring that the student does not lose focus.

Self discipline

Self-discipline for IITJEE students involves concentrating on their studies and their schedules than wasting their time on useless activities such as watching TV, distancing themselves from social media etc.

Positive temperament

For a student preparing for IITJEE a positive temperament is really important to keep at all times. A positive examination temperament goes a long way in ensuring success for the student. Developing a positive outlook towards hard work and not getting bogged down from mistakes or poor performances in the practice tests, is important for a student. Instead, learn from your own mistakes as well as from the mistakes of others.

Exam strategies

A lot of hard work, burning the midnight oil won’t bear fruits unless backed up by proper strategies. Follow our article to learn more ways to better your exam strategies:

Cracking IITJEE is no child’s play but it’s not impossible either. With the appropriate planning and will you can move mountains and achieve a goal you have set out for.
We hope this article helps in your preparations and we wish you goodluck for your preparations.

If you face any doubt regarding how to plan your way, or a question you are unable to solve you can always talk to the experts. Just login at winuall.com.

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