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Lets Hack the brain to learn fast

While we all may follow our own unique pursuits in a lifetime, the quest for purpose through self-improvement . Knowledge is among the great unifiers of humankind. Progressive thinking is the backbone of society’s progress. Whether it’s a new technology or an advanced skill, staying competitive often means learning new things. We can hack our brain to learn fast. Being a quick learner can give you an even greater edge as a student. Science proves there are ways you can learn and retain something faster.

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Food For Thought

Eat breakfast. A lot of people skip breakfast. Creativity is often optimal in the early morning and it helps to have some protein in you to “feed” your brain. Plus, a lack of protein can actually cause headaches. Eat a light lunch. Heavy lunches have a tendency to make people drowsy. While you could turn this to your advantage by taking a “thinking nap” (we’ll get to that later), most people haven’t learned how to actually make this work on a regular basis. Use sticky colored tabs of folder flags to divide a notebook or journal into sections. They are a great way to partition ideas for easy reference.Use post-it notes: Post-it notes can provide a helpful way to record your thoughts about passages in books without defacing them with permanent ink or pencil marks.

Teach Someone Else to learn

If you imagine that you’ll need to teach someone else the material or task you are trying to grasp, you can speed up your learning and remember more, according to a study done at Washington University in St. Louis. The expectation changes your mind-set so that you engage in more effective approaches to learning.


Sleeping between two learning sessions greatly improves retention. interweaving sleep between practice sessions leads to a twofold advantage, reducing the time spent relearning and ensuring a much better long-term retention than practice alone, sleeping after learning is definitely a good strategy, but now we show that sleeping between two learning sessions greatly improves such a strategy.

Shake a leg

Lack of blood flow is a common reason for lack of concentration. If you’ve been sitting in one place for a while, bounce or bend and flex one of your legs for a minute or two. It gets your blood flowing and sharpens both concentration and recall abilities.

Take shower

I know this one may be a bit surprising, but both activities can loosen you up, making your mind more receptive to recognizing brilliant ideas.

Motor skills

Changing the way you practice a new motor skill can help you master it faster.

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Take notes By hand

While typing your notes into the computer is great for posterity, writing by hand stimulates ideas. The simple act of holding and using a pen or pencil may seem old-fashioned in this day and age, but just think of all the visionaries it’s worked for throughout the years.


Party before an exam

OK, maybe not a party, but the key is to relax. The worse thing to do is cram the night before an exam. If you don’t already know a subject by then, cramming isn’t going to help. If you have studied, simply review the topic, then go do something pleasant (not studying). Doing so tells your brain that you are prepared and that you will be able to recall anything that you have already learned. On the other hand, if you didn’t spend the semester learning the ideas you need, you might as well go party anyway because cramming at the last minute isn’t going to help much at that point.

So lets hack the brain this time. Let us all be faster at learning and sharper at brain.


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