Make Your Desk Ultra-Productive

Is your desk messy, crowded, disorganized, or all of the above? It is easy to look the other way when you begin to desk hoard, but we all know that productivity decreases when you have to continually waste time sifting through the large stack of papers on your desk to find the one you’re looking for.

Although it seems efficient to have all your business materials at a close proximity, a clutter-free desk is easy to maintain and will save you from the overwhelming stress that accompanies a never-ending desk mess.

Studying for JEE means having to study for more than 10 hours a day, here. It’s essential that your desk is the epitome of productivity, and nothing less.

Here is a collection of essentials you NEED to have on your desk!

  • Sticky Notes – Yeah yeah, we all buy a crap –tonne of those and never use them, but buying a few best suited for you can help you remember things, mark sections in a text book, and give yourself reminders.

  • A reliable USB hub is a must for everyone, to charge your laptop, phone, lamp… effectively!

  • Laptop Stand – Invest in a good laptop stand, as it’ll improve your viewing angle and prevent eye strain and back aches/neck pains. The stand collapses to take up almost as little space as the laptop itself, so you can stash it away in your drawer when you’re done. Nifty.

  • Coasters – If you’re bound to drink a lot of beverages on your desk, may it be coffee, water or tea, you do not want stains all over your table, and you parents yelling at you for ruining their antiques… invest in some inexpensive coasters!

  • A lamp – Good lighting is essential, need I say more?

  • A pen stand – a little trinket to keep all your pens in place, so they don’t keep rolling off!

In conclusion, keep your space clutter and distraction free, and watch your productivity soar!

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