Aaaahh!! It feels really devastating when a person goes through a state of mind that just deteriorate the function of the whole body. Every single thing happening inside that person changes to a great extent. And the most dangerous change occurs in the brain itself when our own mind make us think those situations which can make our lives more worse. But the question arises that Is there any possible way to tackle such stress? What if we could have done our work on time? We don’t realize these thing when the proper time is given to us to finish the work. It happens to most of us. It happened to me too.

What I have experienced till now in my life regarding this topic is time and stress are inversely proportional to each other. The more time we have left to do some work, the less stress we experience. But when the time elapses, the stress explodes itself in our routine life. In very bad situations it may feels someone is pounding a hammer in the head with its greatest force possible. What to do then? Asking such questions at the last moment is ineffectual. But if we maintain ourselves to do some very simple yet very effective practices in our day to day life, then such situations will never ever  come under one’s nose.

Managing our time will definitely help us to manage stress.
Following are some of the ideas that I’ve followed and I was taught to manage time and in-turn tackle the stress are given.

1.Prioritize your work :- It’s better to arrange the thing in order of their priority. Many of us tend to leave the important task until the last minute which affect both the quality of work as well as the stress level.

2.Planning wins! :- Planning work not only make us do the right thing in a right way but also help us to fetch some time to socialize and the most important, to sleep. So plan your work according the priorities.

3.Flexible work in the real world :-  We prioritize our work and plan it in a according way, but no one knows what is going to happen next in the life. We try to dedicate our time to the fruitful work but there are many things that come across us which are unavoidable. If one knows how to tackle such situation with calmness and patience, nothing is impossible for him/her. So we  need to make ourselves flexible.

4.Avoiding Procrastination :- Delay is the biggest devil one has to confront in order to do work on schedule. Don’t let anyone distract you from your focus. Focus is the preeminent pillar of any task.


Some practices for Stress management

1.My body, my responsibility :-Proper functioning of the body is essential for us to do any work and think in a positive way. Doing exercise, Yoga, taking proper diet at proper time are some of the things which make our body fit and healthy.


2.Think positive :-Many stress cases have been assessed by psychiatrists and it’s been proven that if the person try to think in a positive way then automatically stress takes off itself from the patient’s mind. Positivity not only gives strength but also provides new ideas in the vital time of suffering.

3. Share it :-One of the best on the spot remedy is to share the thing making you uncomfortable. My own experience says that sharing really makes your heart light, light enough to feel good again and get back to good things. Relatives, close friends, siblings, or your roommates, if you feel they’ll understand you, share your feeling.

4. Go out in the nature :-walking in the streets, watching others playing different stuff, talking to people, listening to sweet chirping of birds under the shade of trees make the eternal soul so happy. Heart starts again to rejoice, happiness gets bonded to blood and start running throughout the body, sweet sensation in mind starts again. It has been truly said that Nature is a Gift, a gift that can make any sad soul rejoice again.

5. Pen It Down :- one of the oldest techniques to make oneself feel comfortable. Pen your feelings down either in a diary or maintain a journal or write down in your computer. Get the things out of your heart in a sheet of paper written in blue and black. You’ll definitely feel good.


No doubt the above mentioned techniques or practices are very effective and useful but until and unless you yourself don’t give your part to them, then these practices are worthless. I remember a line from Harry Potter “ Happiness can be found in darkest of the days, if one knows how to turn on the light”. If we can’t help ourselves then no one will help us, if we can’t make ourselves happy, we cannot make anyone happy. So every time you face any typical situation that makes you nervous, stand against it and confront it. Always raise your toast to this beautiful and colourful ride of Life.

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