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Snacks for midnight

An average human is supposed to have his/her night meal which we call dinner between 8:00 P.M. to 10 P.M.  Sometimes that dinner is not what we want like “karela” or “loki”, which makes us eat less. Finally when you eat less that tummy wants something at the stroke of midnight when you pull those all-nighters. So here are some midnight snacks that take little to no time in preparing and are not that unhealthy.

1) Peanut butter and apples

This snack is one of the most ancient recipes (not that old)  used by almost everyone in their life. Look at the picture above and tell me “It looks delicious!’. All it took was 2 minutes to make it moreover it doesn’t involve fire. This snack is rich in proteins, fiber,energy and most of all the fats that it contains are monounsaturated. These monounsaturated fats are termed as fats but they are healthier than you think, it helps your body burn fat and build muscle. The monounsaturated fat found in peanuts also has other health benefits. Like lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Source: livestrong.com

2) Midnight Sandwiches

Bread bhujia and butter toast

“Cooking is hard and time consuming.” Maybe not!  Take two slices of bread and add some cheese or butter on it. Throw in your favorite ingredients like “bhujia” “Nutella” or whatever and keep it in a toaster till the light turns green.  How hard was it? It takes half the time it took me to write this part of the article in addition to which it tastes ten times more delicious than the one I made for the picture.

Source: Experience 😛

3) Maggi

maggi with corn and cheese

Lasagna with maggi

Baked maggi

Noodles spice and everything nice. It’s maggi, everyone’s go to easy to cook food. Everyone in this country cooks maggi and the most noteworthy thing is the ease with which we manipulate the flavor of this thing which is probably the reason of it’s popularity.  My favorite way of cooking it is with corn and cheese, it can also be baked to lasagna  this way.


4) Fruit and nuts

First of all it’s healthy. Secondly it’s easy to prepare. Most importantly you can have any fruit and any nut you want as per the requirement of your tongue and belly. As a result of this it’s a highly preferred midnight snack. Milk also goes great in addition to the fruits.


5) We all scream for that one thing

One thing that we all agree on that is ice cream saving our life time and again. In addition to those tasty sundaes there are those regular brick which are equally good. Maybe there’s one in your refrigerator however you’ll have to stop and check for it.  Go give it a look maybe it’s your lucky day. Just grab a scoop and start eating it.

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