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Mock tests are trial exams that people take before appearing for the real exam to assess their level of preparation.

Mock tests  give you the feel of the real exam. For most of the students who are about to take a major exam for the first time in their lives and are petrified , mock tests provide a trial run. Being placed in the same situation and feeling the same amount of pressure will inculcate some confidence in you . As you give more and more mock tests ,you have  already appeared for a version of the exam before,so on the final day you will be more relaxed.

When preparing for entrance and competitive exams, it is important to work out not just specific topics,  questions or sections, but also full-length test that resemble the actual one.

Here are  some reasons why you should attempt mock tests before you appear for any exam:



Mock tests tell you which topics you have not mastered and encourage you to focus future learning on weak areas. they also  tell you which topics you have already mastered. so that you  can then direct your learning to other areas and spend minimal further time on the topics you already know. Topics can be differentiated on the basis of successfully learned and areas that  need more work



Entrance tests and competitive exams are broken  into different sections , topics or subjects. To perform well, you need to create a strategy on the order in which you would attempt different sections and the time you would spend on each of them. Strategy can be developed by attempting multiple mock tests and finding what works best  .leaving you in a position to work on your  weaknesses and to chalk out a plan to overcome them.



Mock tests help you get familiar with the test-taking environment. Practicing full-length exams in the same format as the original one lets you understand the nuances associated with different exams. They make students familiar with the style and scope of the question paper. Managing to finish the exam on time is really challenging.

Time is always less,isn’t it ?

Mock Tests helps students in managing the time,which in itself, is half the work done.  Candidates have a chance to work on this problem and turn it into one of their strengths.



Most students preparing for competitive exams do so in bits, sections and stages. They believe they are well prepared to take the test. But on the day of the exam, often everything one learns is forgotten in the flash of a second. This happens because of a tendency to underestimate the toughness of the questions and the scope of the syllabus, or because they have taken things lightly and are under prepared.  The key to remember all that you have studied is Revision. This is where mock tests help. They help students revise the entire syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual exam. This way they remember what they have learned and perform well on the final day.




After you give mock tests, The real exam seems a piece of cake .Students learn to relax and maintain their calm during the exam.Competitive exams span hours together, and staying calm and focused throughout the same may not be an easy task. Energy levels may drop and you may feel worked up. Attempting mock tests helps you cope up with stress experienced during the exam and stay relaxed throughout the exercise.


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