Movie list for the vacations to inspire big changes

We all love to kick back, relax and watch a movie now and then. But how many of us really take a message or life lesson from a blockbuster? Film-making is an art that can truly inspire us to make changes in our life.

Here are a few movies that ring with the truths of life, hardships, and disappointments. Maybe you could get a hold of these during the vacations to gear you up for any tough times coming your way.



This film follows the story of a mathematical genius with humble origins working part time in construction and as a janitor at MIT. He dares to step into the world of scholars. As a boy who grew up in a completely different world from the one he is now thrown into, he isn’t quite ready to accept his new life. He starts to lash out and become hostile to new situations. His story is one of rebellion, and being afraid to grow up as he slowly learns to let go of his fears.

Rebellious moments


Forrest Gump grows up with a bunch of handicaps, besides being mentally challenged. But he always remembers what his mama always said – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. He never stops believing in himself. Through all the problems he’s had in his life, Forrest overcame them all just by ploughing on through.

Nobody can say they're better than you



This movie centers around a boy from a middle class American family, surrounded by the harsh realities of life. But when he meets the new girl, his life changes completely. They make up a fantasy world for themselves, which keeps them happy and fulfilled, until reality comes crashing through. The story shows two contrasting sides of a child’s life which might resonate with how you feel about your own.

What having a best friend feels like



Here, the main character is likened to a wallflower in the sense, he always sat and watched while everything happened around him. This beautiful story revolves around a boy in a group of misfit teenagers. He struggles with his past and therapy needs while also learning new things about himself and his friends. If you’ve ever felt like life is somehow passing you by too fast, this movie really does slow things down. Just take a deep breath and enjoy it while it’s here.

You don't have to hold on so tight


This is an animated movie about a French rat that can cook. And not only can he cook, he could just be the best chef in France. Only one human knows his secret, as they work together to bring a classic restaurant back to its former glory. The question is however, will anyone believe it? A rat that cooks? This story just goes to show that brilliance and talent can come from anywhere. If you have the passion, never let someone tell you that you can’t do something.

Your only limit is your soul

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